2016 Bell's Snow Jog Adventure (Leisure) Race & Challenge

Event Date

Sat, Jan 16, 2016


Kalamazoo, MI

About This Activity

The Snow Jog Adventure (Leisure) Race & Challenge was born in 2013 at the start of Kalamazoo Beer Week as a benefit for Loaves and Fishes. It is a 21 & over “choose your own adventure” style “race” of teams of 2 that lasts approximately 3 ½ hours and spans around 3 miles throughout downtown Kalamazoo.

Upon checking in on “race” day (January 16) at Bell’s Eccentric Café (don’t forget your non-perishable food items-minimum 1 item per member!), your team will receive a course map and a passport to help guide you through the “course”. Don’t forget to dress up for the (optional) costume contest; you can run, walk, skip (no wheels or motorized vehicles allowed) to as many of the checkpoints as you like. Safety first, though - please obey all of the normal traffic laws!

At each checkpoint, you will encounter a challenge that requires little to no athletic coordination. If you complete the challenge, you will receive a hole-punch on your passport and you are free to move on. But don’t rush, because this isn’t actually a race. There are no prizes for finishing first, second, third, or even dead last; in fact, Snow Joggers are HIGHLY encouraged to use the full amount of allotted time. All of the checkpoints along the course will feature Bell’s beer – both old favorites and some specialty beers – so at each stop, feel free to stretch your legs out, quench your thirst, and watch other Snow Joggers attempt to complete the challenges.

Although the Snow Jog Adventure (Leisure) Race and Challenge isn’t a race to the finish, make sure you get back to the Eccentric Café by the designated time for the after-party. After crossing the finish line back, Snow Joggers who have 8 hole-punches on their passport will receive a fabulous Snow Jog prize. Snow Joggers who complete all 11 stops and challenges are also entered into a raffle for a chance to win even more great prizes.

Basically, the Snow Jog Adventure (Leisure) Race and Challenge is a really fun way to do something active outside in the middle of winter, all while drinking beer and celebrating the kick off of Kalamazoo Beer Week with your friends. The proceeds from the event go toward Kalamazoo’s Loaves and Fishes, and we collect a lot of non-perishable food items to donate to them too, so Snow Joggers also get to enjoy the feeling of being a good Samaritan for participating all while having a great time.

Ready to sign up? Grab a partner, come up with a catchy team name & get yourself registered!

See you in January! Don’t forget to check out www.bellsbeer.com for more Rules, FAQ, and other Bell’s Kalamazoo Beer Week events.

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