Playtri Hawaii Camp

Event Date

Sun, Jan 18, 2015


Kailua-Kona, HI

About This Activity


Come spend five and a half days training on the Hawaii Ironman World Championship course in beautiful Kona, while attending training, racing and nutrition seminars.

The camp is an excellent opportunity for triathletes who want to build a strong base for the upcoming season. This camp is designed for athletes of all abilities – from the beginner wanting to have an athletic vacation to the serious triathlete looking for some hard core training.

How This Camp Can Help You

  • Motivate you for your upcoming triathlon season
  • Lay a strong foundation for endurance training
  • Teach you race nutrition and racing strategies for triathlons of all distances
  • Experience the Hawaii Ironman World Championship course

Athlete Fitness

This camp is designed to meet the needs of the beginner to the experienced triathlete.

The rides will be between 10–112 miles, the runs will be from 3–26 miles, and the swims between 1,000 meters–2.4 miles, with the distance being your decision.

The minimum amount of each distance you should be able to do for each sport in order to attend the camp are as follows:

  • Swim: 1500 meters
  • Bike: 10 miles
  • Run: 3 miles

Camp Support

Support and sag will be provided on the swim, bike and run courses.

Refund Policy

No Refunds or Transfers

Event details and schedule


5:00- 5:30pm:  Athlete Check-In, Athlete/Coaches Meet & Greet

5:30-6:00pm:  Introduction, What To Expect, What Group Expects to Learn

6:00-7:00pm:  How to Maximize your Training with Heart Rate and Power

7:00-8:00pm: The Art of Tapering

8:00-8:30pm:  Review of Week and Next Day


7:00-9:00am:  Swim on the Kona Course

10:00-3:00pm:  Bike on the Kona Course

3:30-5:30pm:  Run on the Kona Course

6:30pm Group Dinner


7:00-8:30am:  Swim on the Kona Course

9:30-1:00pm: Bike/Run Hills

3:00-4:00pm:  Optional Swim

4:00-5:00pm:  Optional Strength Exercises for Balance and Performance


7:00-3:00pm:  Bike to Hawi and back

5:00-6:00pm:  Everyday Nutrition for Peak Performance

6:00-6:30pm:  Mind Games - How to Stay Strong During Training

6:30 - 7:00pm:  Recovery Tools


7:00-8:30am:  Swim on the Kona Course

9:30-3:00pm:  Bike on the Kona Course

4:00 - 5:00pm:  Run Drills


7:00-8:30am:  Open Water Swim Clinic

9:30-11:00am:  Bike on the Kona Course

12:00-3:00pm:  Run on the Kona Course

4:00-6:00pm:  Final Wrap Up

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