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Sat, Oct 1, 2016


Jacksonville, FL


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Open water swim-10K - Individual Age group/open

$50 $50 Closed

About This Activity


JumpingFish is dedicated to advocacy for our waterways through athletics. JumpingFish is a community-based organization located in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville, FL.

The Up the River Team

We’re residents from several northeast Florida counties, volunteering for a cause we all care about: the St. Johns River. Some of us work on it, some of us play in it… and we want everyone else to enjoy it, too, and help us keep it clean.

Our Partners

Part of the project’s mission is to bring together residents, businesses, and non-profits to protect our waterways. We’ve accomplished so much through the generous support and encouragement from like-minded organizations.

Press Coverage

It’s exciting to see media outlets—across town and across the world—notice what we’re doing and help spread the word about the project. It seems to draw more attention every day.

Event details and schedule

A Full Swim Briefing will be held the night before at the social.  Then again 15 minutes before each swim start but information will be posted onsite all day.  This will include a detailed description of the course.  Our course is swum south, with the current from Jacksonville University to the Fuller Warren bridge.  There will be buoys marking the way and Kayakers placed strategically for course direction.  The course may vary slightly due to shifting current and winds but is approximately 10 Kilometers.

TIMING:  Swim Times will be displayed on the http://events.jumpingfish.net/ page 24 hours after the swims and posted on our information boards at the RAM soon after the race.

SAFETY:  We aim to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy the freedom and challenge of open water swimming. If for any reason you experience difficulties while taking part in our swims, roll onto your back and raise a hand in the air. You will be rescued immediately by one of our kayak safety crew or our fast rescue boat, and transferred to the shore.

Brightly colored swim caps to aid visibility while in the water are supplied and must be worn.

Kayak Safety Marshals are in place all around the course

Fast Rescue Boats are on scene manned by a qualified beach lifeguard.

Trained Aquatic Rescue & First Aid staff are on site for every event

Wetsuits are not advised.

If you have an impediment or medical ailment that the safety staff should know of you must inform them prior to the swim start.



Heat 1 (A) is the slower group and first to swim.  Swimmers will complete the 10K route following the buoys and kayakers that straddle the course.  Swimmers will wear Green Caps.

Heat 2 (B) is the team relay group and second to swim, departing ten minutes after heat one.  Swimmers and their escorts will complete the 10K route following the buoys and kayakers that straddle the course.  Teams may switch at any time but must move to the side of the course so as to not interfere with other teams and swimmers.  Swimmers will wear Pink Caps.

Heat 3 (C) is the faster group and last to swim, departing ten minutes after heat two.  Swimmers will complete the 10K route following the buoys and kayakers that straddle the course.  Swimmers will wear Orange Caps.


Expected Water Temperature: 75° F to 84° F

ELIGIBILITY: Swimmers must be 15 years of age as of the day of the event. All entrants under 18 must have the approval of and signed liability form from their parents or guardian.  

SAFETY IS OUR PRIMARY CONCERN: Safety boats, kayakers, and stand-up paddle boarders will monitor the course and medical personnel will be on-site. Swimmers must wear the swim cap provided for their distance until they exit the water via the finish chute, and/or exit ladders.  Swimmers must display their race number and follow all announced safety rules without exception or will be banned from future events.

NOURISHMENT: Metro Park dock will be used or A pontoon boat will be positioned on the inside perimeter of the racecourse at the half way point and will have water and Gels to hand out to swimmers.  Swimmers can swim up to the dock/boat and ask for a feeding but must not touch the dock/boat.

TIME LIMIT: If you can't complete 2.4 miles in 2 hours and 30 minutes or 1.2 miles in 1 hour and 15 minutes, we recommended for safety purposes that you do not enter this event. The course closes at 2:30 pm. Those who have not finished within the time limit will be removed from the course and scored as DNF (Did Not Finish).   

QUESTIONS: Contact John Fox, 757-870-6711 or john.fox1@live.com

RULES: Current 2016 USMS rules will govern this event. Only Category I swimwear is allowed in the 10K event. (See Rules 303.7.1 & 303.7.2).


Early Entry Fee:  $50, 

After September 16th: Entry Fee = $75, 

Entry Deadline: September 29th, 2016.    No entries will be accepted for the event after September 29th, 2016

Entry fee includes a latex swim cap, custom event T-shirt, post-race pizza, drinks (Beer and water), and a Grab bag. 

Mailing address for paper entries: JumpingFish
2705 Riverside Avenue
No. 1B
Jacksonville, FL 32205.

RESULTS: Preliminary results will available and awards presented per the posted schedule. Official results will be posted on the event website (http://events.jumpingfish.net/) in a timely manner.  

REFUNDS: No refunds will be given.  In the event of cancellation due to inclement weather (high winds/lightening) or conditions beyond our control no refunds will be given.



Social and Packet Pick up: Friday September 30th from 4-7:00 p.m. at Wicked Barley Brewing Company, 4100 Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32217. Requested for participants to alleviate race day congestion.  Swimmers, kayak support, and volunteer briefing/marking will be held at 6:00 P.M. out back.  Food and drinks will be available for purchase. 

Race Day:  

Saturday October 1st 2016.

  • 7:00 A.M. continue packet distribution, finger/toe nail check, and swimmer marking.
  • 7:45 A.M. Mandatory Pilot/kayaker/paddler briefing.
  • 8:00 A.M. Heat #1 swimmer briefing. Volunteer boats/Kayaks launch.
  • 8:15 A.M. Heat #2 swimmer briefing. 
  • 8:30 A.M. Heat #1 Start. Heat #3 Swimmer briefing.
  • 8:45 A.M. Heat #2 Start.
  • 9:00 A.M. Heat #3 Start.
  • *2:30 P.M. or once all swimmers are in will be the awards and recognition ceremony.
  • *Any swimmers who have not finished by this time will be pulled from the water and brought to the finish.


 WARNING: Participants should be adequately trained for competition. Experience swimming in Open Water is strongly recommended, as is the ability to complete the distance within the time requirements.  

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