Timucuan Treasure Quest

Event Date

Sat, Oct 10, 2015


Jacksonville, FL

About This Activity

Introducing the Timucuan Treasure Quest a team adventure challenge and treasure hunt connecting historic Kingsley Plantation and Mayport Villiage.   Not your typical treasure hunt — this is a QUEST and the reward you receive from participating will come with huge bragging rights as you and your teammates celebrate completion and the victory of the QUEST in front of thousands gathered to party at Ferry Fest 2015.


The Timucuan Treasure Quest is a three-stage event situated in the heart of North Florida’s most historic and beautiful preserve. Teams of 2, 3 and 4 individuals (maximum of 100 teams to include women, men, and co-ed teams) will compete using mind and body (mostly mind), solving clues, reading maps, working as teams, while moving as fast as possible through Stage 1, and into Stage 2 and 3. A treasure awaits in Mayport Village and the only way to qualify is to be the best teams from Stage 1.


Stage 1 — Fort George Adventure

Teams will collect at the Ferry dock on the Heckscher side by 6:30 a.m., for final registration and shuttle prep. Registered teams will be divided into two large groups at the Heckscher Ferry dock and will be shuttled into the Ft. George Island Cultural State Park where they will be dropped at pre-assigned locations. Teams will await final instructions.  The object for teams is to move along the one mile trail between Ribault Club and Kingsley Plantation solving problems and performing agility-based challenges. There will be exactly 14 challenges with speed and coordination becoming the team priority. Time totals from each team will be collected and assessed. Fastest times from each division will be announced once Stage 1 participants arrive back to Mayport. Top teams compete in Stage 2 — Ferry Fest Trivia Challenge.

Stage 2 — Ferry Fest Trivia Challenge

Ten teams will qualify for the Stage 2 Trivia Challenge on the Ferry Fest Main Stage (Mayport side). Each team will be given an answer sheet and questions will be presented simultaneously to all teams who will have 1 minute to decide on an answer. Upon completion of the questions presentation, the answer sheets will be collected and scored and the 2 top teams will move on to the final Stage 3 Mayport Village Treasure Hunt. The questions are “challenging” and they cover 4 areas: 1) Ft. George Island history; 2) Mayport Village history; 3) St. Johns River Ferry history; and 4) the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve. Team members should do some research on each of these 4 areas to be prepared for the challenging questions.

Stage 3 — Mayport Village Treasure Hunt

Stage 3 is a treasure hunt that takes the teams through the distinct landmarks of Mayport Village. Each team starts from separate locations, but both have to move through similar challenges to discover where the treasure is hidden — and this is a treasure that has been determined by Quest officials as priceless.

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