Kill That 5K - GORUCK Racin' at JAX Beach

Event Date

Sat, Jan 17, 2015


Jacksonville Beach, FL

About This Activity

Kill That 5K with a ruck on...
Then Kill a Free Beer at the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen. 

Most 5Ks are lame cause they start too early in the morning and you don't meet anyone and you eat a banana and you leave. We believe Beer>Bananas so GORUCK 5Ks start in the late afternoon where you and your friends ruck to free beers and the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen. 

If you wanna compete to get to the beers sooner, that's cool, too. It's called ruck racin' and no bananas await but prizes do, in addition to the free beer.

What's GORUCK?

GORUCK is when you GO with your RUCK on your back and that's rucking. GORUCK as a company has produced over 2,000 Events to date, globally. Kill That 5K is our introduction to the sport of rucking. We also make great Gear that is Built in the USA with a lifetime guarantee. Our kick-ass Gear will be discounted up to 25% (30% for military) at the Gear&Beer Packet Pickup and at the Kill That 5K event.

The Cause: GORUCK will donate $5 to Combat2College for every paid registration. Kids allowed, dogs on a leash allowed. Bringing all your friends is required lol.

Event details and schedule

Kill That 5K - Jacksonville Beach Schedule of Events

Friday January 16, 2015:

  • 4:30 PM Packet Pick-up x Gear&Beer Opens // GORUCK HQ
  • 10:00 PM Packet Pick-up x Gear&Beer Closes // GORUCK HQ

Saturday January 17, 2015:

  • 3:00 PM  On-site Registration, Packet Pick-up, Gear Tents Open // Jax Beach Golf Club
    • Pre-race weigh in if you want (we'll have scales available)
  • 4:55 PM National Anthem/Emcee "Kill That 5K and get to the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen" speech. Don't worry, it's short and awesome.
  • 5:00 PM Kill That 5K starts (Competitive heats start first, in 5 minute increments)
    • Competitive Elite Class M/F (45 lbs)
    • Competitive Male Class (30 lbs)
    • Competitive Female Class (20 lbs)
    • Non-competitive/Fun Ruck and Kids Ruck Class (Any Weight You Choose)
  • TBD You finish. You do not get a free banana. Instead you get your free beer because the Beer Garden was already open. Beer>Bananas.
  • 9:30 PM Beer Garden closes. You're sad, and so are we.
  • TBD You and your friends hit the town, probably with everyone from GORUCK HQ, including Monster. We know all the best local spots, everywhere, unless you know better ones.

There is ample parking at the Golf Course.

What to Bring:

  • Ruck AKA backpack
  • Weight in your ruck
  • Lighting (headlamp, night vision, whatever)
  • Legal ID if you are 21 or older and plan to enjoy a beer after the race

What's Included:

  • GORUCK 5K Patch that you earn
  • $5 Donation to Combat2College
  • 1 free beer if >21
  • No bananas because Beer>Bananas
  • Your participation in the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen

Winners, Prizes, and Competitve Classes:

  • 20 lbs Female
  • 30 lbs Male
  • 45 lbs Elite (M/F)

(All $ is GORUCK Gear Credit)
1st Place:   Male/Female $200, Elite $250, 1 Month of Yoga at Bella Vida Yoga
2nd Place:  Male/Female $100, Elite $150, 1 Month of Yoga at Bella Vida Yoga
3rd Place:  Male/Female $75, Elite $100, 1 Month of Yoga at Bella Vida Yoga

Race Timing*:
This is not a chipped event. Chips don't let you race the person next to you, they force you to race against a clock and racing against a clock is not real ruck racin'. Real Ruck Racin' is this: your competitive class lines up together and may the fastest rucker win. Cross the finish line first, you're first place - it's that simple. You get your free beer first and you get the biggest prize. Just remember to keep it classy at the greatest after-party any 5K has ever seen with your 1st place patch on.
*There will be a clock onsite, visible to all. Or just ignore it and have fun.

Jax Beach Golf Club
Bella Vida Yoga
Every Man Jack
Nutrishop Jacksonville
Black Hive Athletics
Source Tactical Gear
Email to become a sponsor.

Last Important Stuff
Kill That 5K - Jacksonville Beach page on Facebook.
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Disclaimer: Routes are subject to change, due to unforseen issues with weather, road construction, or permitting requirements.

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