Holes & Poles Donna Relay Team

Event Date

Sun, Feb 14, 2016


Jacksonville Beach, FL

About This Activity

When you sign up you will pick your top three preferred legs to run, your estimated pace, and if you are a runner or a walker.    We will group everyone by their ability in the legs they request.     A team captain will then draft their team from each leg group.   The captains will be determined once everyone is signed up.  The goal is to try and keep the teams as even as possible.   The draft will be Sunday, January 24th between the AFC and NFC Championship games at the Reimer's house (details to follow as it gets closer but basically football and draft party).   Runners do not need to be present at the draft, but it will probably be a fun evening to get together. 

After the race, we will meet up Sunday late afternoon around 4:00pm at the Beaton’s to settle up on prizes and cash.

As we get closer we will figure out some carpooling to the exchanges at the beach and to the finish once people finish their legs.

The prize categories will be as follows based on 5 teams:

Fourth team to exchange 1 - $25
Second team to exchange 2 - $25
Fifth team to exchange 3 - $25
Third team to exchange 4 - $25
First team across the finish line - $50
Random draw 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th team across the finish line (drawn after the race) - $50
Team with the greatest negative split (Second half faster than the first half) - $50
First team to finish a 12 pack of beer - $25
Team with most even pace throughout - $25
Team finish closest to predicted time without going over (Price is Right Style) - $50
Team with a leg the closest to a 9:00 pace - $25
Team with a leg the closest to a 10:00 pace - $25
Team with a leg the closest to a 11:00 pace - $25
Team that won the least amount of money - $25
Team with the fastest paced leg - $25
Team with the slowest pace on a leg - $25

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