HeidiFest Zombie Crawl


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Sat, Oct 29, 2016


Independence, WI


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About This Activity

The Heidi-Festers are excited to announce a new event this year, the 2016 ZOMBIE CRAWL!  
For anyone that has done our previous event "HeidiSeek", this is similar but with some added twists!  :)  
There will also be a Chicken Q, Basket Raffle, Music, and Misc. Raffles.
Proceeds benefit local families affected by cancer. 

The HeidiFest Zombie Crawl is a blend of several types of races featuring aspects of a Color Run, Zombie Run, Scavenger Hunt, even a hint of Ragnar (since this is a relay)
- Team format: 2-4 per team
- ENTRY FEE - $25 PLUS A BASKET DONATION to our Basket Raffle 
- Date:  Saturday, October 29th
- Time: Check-in at 3:00 - 3:30 p.m.   Instructions: 3:40    Start time: 4:00 p.m.
- Where - Check-in at Eagles Bar, Independence, WI
- Walk, Run, Jog, or Crawl, but NO driving!
- All ages are welcome (however, under age 12 should team up with an adult as a Partner Team Member = 1 member)
- There are 5 legs of the race
- Legs range from .8 miles to 1.8 for Legs 1-4 and up to 3 miles for Leg 5.
- Relay format -Team Member 1 does Leg #1, returns & tags Team Member 2 who does Leg # 2, etc. 
- Legs must be done in order, and the next leg cannot begin until the previous leg tagteams 
- For teams with less than 4 members, some will have to do multiple legs.
- You will be handed a map for each Leg you are assigned,  Each map shows Checkpoints with Point Values assigned.  
- You earn points for completing each checkpoint. (Believe me, these can be a variety of things to do!)
- You must complete AT LEAST TWO (2) CHECKPOINTS before returning and tag teaming your next team member to start their leg.  
- You can then return to YOUR leg and complete additional checkpoints if you didn't finish all of them.
- There will be additional methods of earning points while you are waiting for Team Members to finish their legs
- All team members must check in to Station 5 TOGETHER before Leg 5 can begin.
- There will be "obstacles/deterrents" throughout the race (hence, "Zombie Crawl") and a few other "surprises
- YOU WILL GET DIRTY (think Color Run concepts)  -- so don't wear your "good clothes"  an old white t-shirt is great!
- You will have 4 HOURS TO COMPLETE AS MANY CHECKPOINTS AS POSSIBLE and return to original Check-in Station 
- You will be penalized points per minute for every minute over 4 hours. 
- Team with highest point total is the WINNER 
- Awards (trophies/medals) will be presented to the Top 3 teams (with highest confirmed point totals) as well as some fun additional awards

* Things to bring:
    Team Donation for Basket Raffle
    Flashlight and/or headlamp
    Comfy light colored clothing 
    Comfy shoes - you will be off-road at times

ATTENTION ALL ZOMBIES:  If you don't want to do the full Zombie Crawl, but still want to participate, we have a great option of BEING A ZOMBIE!  We'll even help get you set up with Zombie costume/make-up!  This is a FREE option and we'll even provide you with a free Chicken Dinner!  Just use the Sign Up option and select the "I WANT TO BE A ZOMBIE" option.  You'll have a blast!

ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS:  Still want to help out, but don't want to be a Zombie or compete in the Zombie Crawl? Well, you're in luck as we would love to have you help us out during the event.  It's even free, LOL, AND we'll provide you with a free Chicken Dinner as well.  Just use the Sign Up option and select the "I WANT TO VOLUNTEER" option.                                                                    ~THANK YOU! ~

If you cannot attend our event with any of the options listed above, you can still help  us out!  We're looking for donations for our Basket Raffle.  These do not have to be purchased items, they can be home-made, baked goods, canned goods, arts & crafts, we have a LOT of talented people in the area.  You also do not have to donate an entire basket, it can also just be something smaller that we can add to a basket.  Any donations are very appreciated. We can also try to arrange for Pick Up of items.  Just use the Sign up option "I WANT TO DONATE A RAFFLE ITEM".
                                        ~ THANK YOU ~

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