Le Tour de Couch Potato


Event Date

Sat, Jul 2, 2016


Huntersville, NC

About This Activity

The Rules:
2016 Tour starts on July 2nd and goes until July 24th (to coincide with Tour de France).  Sign up is FREE!  If you want to purchase custom cycling shorts that is extra $22 and optional.  For those who complete Le Tour, you will receive a commemorative magnet for your refrigerator - and you will get bragging rights.  This is our SIXTH year riding and we are growing like crazy.  Participation will remain FREE for as long as we are involved.

During that time, you need to ride at least 100 miles (no bonus for riding more unless you just like to brag)
You can ride any bike that has an odometer – road, mountain, stationary, recumbent. Spin bikes don’t count since they don’t have odometers

Email me your mileage daily and I’ll send a group email update with progress: letourdecouchpotato@gmail.com. Those of you with my cell number have texted in the past – if you elect to text me instead of email me it’s NOT my fault if it doesn’t make it in the update…you can’t follow directions!  We are on Facebook and welcome photos and stories using Social Media - post a picture and tell us where you've been.  This is a once-a-year event so make the most of it.

Email updates come out almost daily – sometimes I get lazy (or busy with work) – as part of the update, I reserve the right to harass anyone I see fit.

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