The King Of The Hill Dash (Houston TX)

5K, 10K

Event Date

Sat, Sep 17, 2016


Houston, TX


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King Of The Hill Dash 5K - King Of The Hill Dash (Individual 5K)

$19.98 $29.99 Closed

King Of The Dash Hill Group 5K - King Of The Hill Dash (Group 5K)

$19.98 $29.99 Closed

King Of The Hill Dash 10K - King Of The Hill Dash (Individual 10K)

$19.98 $29.99 Closed

King Of The Hill Dash (Group 10K) - King Of The Hill Dash (Group 10K)

$19.98 $29.99 Closed

About This Activity

The king of the hill dash is a quest that will challenge both mind and body.  Are you ready to embrace a new fitness experience?  The King of the Hill Dash is an endurance challenge that test your abilities in your choice of a 5K or 10K course, that is ran on a Motor Cross Track.  This is not your average run through the mud.  You will be challenged to conquer some tough hills and challenging terrains that will take place on a Motor Cross Track!

We have taken great care to create an environment that will challenge every participant.

The 5K course will test your will to compete.  You will run through 3.2 miles of challenging hills and plateau on a Motor Cross Tracks.  You will be challenged along the way.

For the participants who have the guts, join the Elite Race!

The elite course is a 10K. Your skills and abilities will be tested.  Will you reign supreme?  There can be but one King and Queen of the Hill.  Who will it be?  Could it dare to be you?

Don’t dare think that we will end it all in sweat and tears!  Are you kidding me?

We plan to indulge your party senses as we party the night away.  Y E S!  We work hard and play harder.  Be ready to feast with lots of food and fun while rocking out with live Dj

Event details and schedule

Just when you thought this amazing experience could offer no more…. Wait for it….. Who will enter as a participant and leave a King?  Or Queen of the Hill? Will it be you? Do you have what it takes to be the best? To endure the challenges, the hills, the distance?

Will you be number one in your town? In the nation?

Well, let us help you make up your mind! The top female and male participants in the country will win a prize properly fit for the King and Queen of the Hill!

We will reward you with a trip to the party capital – Las Vegas! That’s right you deserve the best for all of your commitment and tenancy. You are the best of the best and will be treated as such. You prize will be a trip for two. We will pay for your round trip air fare and your room!


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