The Running Dead Chicago

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Sat, Oct 26, 2013


Highland, IN

About This Activity

Looking to scare up a little fun this Halloween?  How about winning some frighteningly awesome ca$h? The Running Dead Chicago is offering a $250 1st place prize.  How much fun it that? The Running Dead Zombie Race is on Saturday, October 26th at Wicker Park in close by, easy to get to Highland IN.  Fun Runs start at 1:00PM with the Ca$h Dash going off at 4:00PM. 

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The Running Dead Chicago is a Halloween Celebration of All Things Zombie. The course is a paved path that works its way through the scenic Wicker Park. Since this is Halloween, we thought we might spook it up just a little.  So we invited a few hundred of our closest, personal, undead friends.  And then, threw in some challenging, crazy, fun obstacles.  When we mixed the whole thing together, we got “The Running Dead”. 

What is it?  The Running Dead Chicago is open to teams or individuals. It kicks off with three different “Fun Runs”.  The first “Fun Run” wave goes off promptly at 1PM, with additional waves going off at 2PM and 3PM.  We will have a mixture of obstacles, both man-made and undead, that will get your heart pounding and your legs moving.  Every runner gets the amazing, limited edition “The Running Dead” t-shirt AND just when you when you thought that was too much, we are also presenting you with the stunningly cool, “How did you get that?” “The Running Dead Competition Medallion”. 

What else ya’ got? 

We’ve got MONEY$$$$$

For the more intense among us, we are turning it up a bit at 4PM.  You can test your limits at our 4PM “CA$H DA$H”.  Same course.  Same zombies.  Here’s the deal.  This is a timed event with prize $$$.  $250 for the first place team or individual; $150 for second place; and $50 for third place.  We strongly recommend that you consider registering as a team for this race.  Did I mention the trophy?  We will have an unbelievable, totally insane, six-foot tall trophy awarded to the winning team or individual. Entry into the CA$H DA$H is limited to the first 200 registered runners.  You wait, you might be late.  Spots are limited and filling up fast. 

Stay after the race and join us for “My Zombie Prom 2013”.  Live music, beverages, and appetizers are being served.  Have your prom picture taken and shop our “Zombie Mall”.

“Un-Dead Is No Way To Go Through Life”

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