The Lost Tribe Expeditions Search and Rescue Challenge

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Sat, Aug 23, 2014


High Falls, NY

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Search & Rescue Eco-Challenge

 About This Race:

 Lost Tribe Expedition, Search and Rescue Eco-Challenge

August 23rd, 2014 10am

Mohonk Preserve, New Paltz, NY

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Are you ready to take your adventure racing to the next level?  Think you have conquered the mountains and all its obstacles? We guarantee that you have never tried a race like this before!  The Lost Tribe Expeditions is bringing Upstate New York-Catskills Mnts.  first Search and Rescue Race.  This race will be a team race to collect as many control points with a map and some with compass.   The team with the most control points wins the cash prize!  Teams must contain a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 6 members. Test yourself and your team to stay out on the course as long as you can to collect as many points as possible! 

Event schedule and times

Parking: will be available on site, Mohonk Preserve entry fee is included into your Lost Tribe entry fee, all spectators will need to pay the Mohonk fee at the front gate, we are also always looking for volunteers, please reach out to us if one of your spectators would like to help and we will waive the entry fee (

This is a 6hr optional challenge 10AM-4PM, teams may turn in their score card at anytime during the 6hour window for scoring and completion, but to remain competitive, teams must be prepared to stay out on the course as long as possible and navigate strategically between points

Location:  Spring Farm Mohonk Preserve, Upper 27 Knolls Road, High Falls, NY:       Click Here for Map


1) This is a daytime event- the course will be open for 6 hours for teams to collect as many points as possible. Teams may turn in their punchcards at anytime for scoring, but to remain competitive teams must prepare to be on the course as long as possible and be able to quickly and strategically navigate to control points

2) Teams must have at least 2 members and no more than 6 total. Team members may drop from the race but the team must finish with at least 2 original members to be scored.

3) Control points are worth different amounts of points depending on their difficulty to navigate to. Compass will be required to get to some points, but there will be no off trail bushwacking.

4) Teams may register each member individually by a captain creating the team name-team members can then choose to join open teams. Captains can also close teams so that a password is required to join that team.

5) Join In! This is a race designed for first time orienteers, avid racers, and just for fun adventurers! Can you and your team take home the 1st Place?!


6)  Competitors are responsible for their own gear-clothing, water, packs, and compass-(only 1 required per team)


7)  There will be an aide station at base and at a more remote section of your course with water and snacks.

 8)  NO GPS allowed-not really going to help you out there anyway!


9)  Entry fee includes also includes t-shirt, finisher's award, and prizes for the top 3 teams.


10)  All participants must checkout with base registration before leaving, otherwise we will send you your own search and rescue party

11)  For any questions or more info please contact

 12) Looking for others to join a team with you?  Try our Meetup group:

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