Hubert Runs 100,000 Smoots (105.7 miles)

Event Date

Fri, Feb 12, 2021


Hialeah, FL

About This Activity

What is this nonsense?

You have 58 days to run 100,000 Smoots  (105.7 miles)
Stay active for almost two months or run it all in one shot (*gasp*). Run, walk, hike, swim or bike--- just get active and cover all the Smoots.

So what's the story...and what's a Smoot?

Seeing that 2021 didn't start off with a plague of locusts or an alien invasion, Hubert is optimist. He wants to keep that optimism alive with humor, fantasy, and the stuff of legends. So, this year, all his challenges will aim at making you smile and daydream.

He wants to start off the year honoring his favorite unit of measurement- the honorable and humorous Smoot. That's right, the Smoot.

This nonstandard unit of measure started out as an MIT fraternity prank and quickly became legendary.

And what is the only way to honor such a magnificent unit or measurement? Why, by traveling 100,000 of them!

You have 58 days (because the Smoot came about in 1958) to complete the distance, and trust me, YOU CAN DO IT!

Walk, hike, run, swim or bike the distance. Hubert plans to run the distance with his pet dust bunny, Mikro. Record your distances on the website until you reach 100,00 Smoots.


I still refuse to run unless a serial killer clown is after me. 
No need to hire a scary clown. You can run, walk, bike, swim, or hike. The idea is to get active and make keep the fun going in 2021.

I don't have a GPS watch and I haven't been implanted with my government tracking chip yet, do you need proof?
No GPS watch needed. Just keep track of your time- you will need to record it along with your distance traveled. This is on the honor system.

Do I really have to cover 100,000 Smoots? What in the heck is a Smoot anyway?
Yes... GO THE DISTANCE! You can do it! That's only 1721.122 Smoots a day for 58 days!  You don't have to run them all at once, they are accumulative. You must record your miles on the webpage- screen shots, promises, and thoughts are not accepted.

Honestly, I'm just addicted to bling. WHERE'S THE BLING, MAN?!?!
The medal is being designed right now. It will be awesome. Photos coming soon! For now, you get a digital mock up :)

Fun Facts

The Smoot came about as a Lambda Chi Alpha prank in 1958 - to measure the Harvard Bridge in Smoots.
Oliver R Smoot was an actual fraternity pledge and he was chosen because he was the shortest and had the most scientific sounding name.
A line was painted on the bridge for every Smoot. After a while, Smoot got tired of all the exercise of laying down and getting back up, so his fraternity brothers carried him along, painting lines all the way. 
The bridge ended up being 364.4 Smoots +/- 1 ∈ar.
The markings in the Harvard bridge are recognized as milestones and are so important that the Cambridge Police Department requested the markings be restored during the 1980s bridge renovations because they were routinely used to identify locations on the bridge.
During the same renovations, the Massachusetts Highway Department went one better and scored the concrete surface at 5'7" intervals instead of the usual 6' intervals.
Hubert  is 0.0466 Smoots tall.

You still haven't told me how far a Smoot is.

Nope, I haven't. Give it a Google :)


  1. Make sure to sign up for emails...I promise I won't spam you to death.
  2. This is a virtual fun run on the honor system because, well, as much as we hate it, there is still a pandemic going on. No one wants anyone elses cooties.

  3. You must make sure your shipping address is correct in Run Sign Up. Wrong address means your medal is going on a round trip to no where.

  4. No refunds. If you are quarantined in your house, you can still do miles. That guy ran the worlds most boring marathon on his balcony. No excuses!

  5. Additional medals will not be made after the close of race registration, so make sure you sign up before March 31st. If you want a medal, sign up and record your distances before April 10th. No logged miles = no medal

  6. I am a small business. I make all these by hand and I’ll be making them in the order people sign up and complete the distance. If 3,000 people sign up, I may be a little delayed in making your medal and mailing it to you. Just kidding, no way that many people would sign up for a Hubert race, but wouldn't that be the bees knees? 

  7. Yes, you can register if you are outside the USA. But please keep in mind, you may responsible for any duties or taxes due for postage of your medal.

  8. The purpose of this event is to honor the Smoot, to inform you of some stupid nonsense, and make you wonder if you've lost your mind running 100,000 Smoots.

  9. There are no overall awards.


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