2020 C26 Swim Camp

Event Date

Fri, Jul 10, 2020


Chattanooga, TN

About This Activity

2020 C26  Swim Camp

Date: July 10-12

Location: Chattanooga, Tn

Skills that will be taught and demonstrated include:

- Dealing with anxiety - Sighting - Beach and mass swim starts - Swimming in a straight line - Cornering buoys - Breathing techniques

- How to deal with swimming in a crowd - Drafting - Entry and Exit - Fast wetsuit removal - OWS specific technique- How to train in the pool for OWS. - Plotting your course and dealing with currents - Effective warm ups - Technique breakdown

What you can expect?

Over the last 12 years I have worked with hundreds of swimmers and triathletes to simplify, correct, and unleash their swimming potential. You can can expect 2 long and very in depth open water sessions, 1 indoor pool session and a 1 on 1 endless pool session all aimed at both fixing your technique flaws but also answering every question you have ever had about swimming. We will also address any mental or emotional "blocks" you might have with open water. Many triathletes experience anxiety and fear of open water that deeply effects them on race day. Our goal is to fix that an allow you to be both faster and more COMFORTABLE in the open water.

The primary goal will be to simplify, drown out the noise, and allow you the opportunity to finally take your swim to the next level. You will be surrounded by like minded individuals eager to learn, get better, and support you all at the same time. These camps will be interactive with athletes asked to participate regularly and assist in feedback. Outside of the outdoor sessions where we will focus on the reality of open water swimming and technique we will also use an indoor pool and endless pool for stroke refinement. This will allow our camp athletes to immediately practice what they have just learned and apply it in the pool. Setting you up for ultimate success when you return home.

Camp Itinerary- ** Subject to Change **


6:30-8:00pm Athlete dinner and Camp overview and presentation followed by Q and A. 

Saturday- 6:00am-9:00am Open Water Skills and Technique 

11am-3:00pm- Endless Pool Sessions and Swim Analysis 

4-6:30 - Indoor Pool workout 

Sunday- 6:00am-9:00am Open Water skills refresher and workout.

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