Ante Up Poker Run Challenge

Event Date

Sun, Apr 5, 2020


Greensboro, NC

About This Activity

During these crazy times, Trivium Racing is looking for ways to keep training and stay healthy while having fun! Poker Runs, traditionally done on a motorcycle or speed boat, are events in which the participants go from location to location and get a playing card at each spot in an attempt to get the best possible poker hand.  We will be doing this with cycling and running over the next several weeks! Athletes who participate will get a map with the specific locations of each "Virtual Poker Dealer" (a plastic tub with a deck of cards in it). The shortest distance to 5 cards for a cycling challenge will be just under 25 miles and just under 8 miles for a running challenge, so this is achievable by anyone!  Athletes will take the top card from each box they visit (cleaning/sanitizing their hands before touching the box and cards!).  Athletes must visit a minimum of 5 "dealers" but can go to as many as they like once. The better your poker hand, the more time bonuses you get to reduce your overall time  (see time bonus chart below)!  Once you are done, you must return to the starting line and submit your time!  Each "Poker Game" will be open for a seven day period, at the end of seven days, we will post results and send out fun Trivium Prizes!

Check out all the detailed rules under the Rules tab!

We will have four Cycling Poker Runs and four Running Poker Runs.  Athletes who complete at least four total (either running or cycling) will get a Ante Up Poker Run Medal!

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