Treadin' Trodden Trails Dirty Dozen 12-for-$169 Race Series

Event Date

Wed, Dec 16, 2020


Greenback, TN


About This Activity

This is a series of twelve races spread out through the calendar year 2021. The races are:

• Lakeshore Trail Trek - 10k - January 17
• Whitestone Triple Trail Traipse and Relay -  30k or Three Person Relay - February 21
• Dark Hollow Wallow - 11 Miles or 5 Miles - March 14
• North Boundary Traverse - Half Marathon or 10k - April 10
• Wanderers Trail Race - 5k - May 1 (NOTE NEW DATE)
• Sharps Ridge Runner - 6 Miles - Jun 5
• Haw Ridge Trail Race - 7 Miles - Jul 10
• The Trails That Can't Be Concord - 6 Miles or 5k - Aug 15
• Big South Fork Trail Race - 17.5 Miles or 10k - September 25
• Fort Dickerson Frantic Frolic - 10k or 5k - Oct 17
• Norris Ultra Dam Hard Trail Races - 50k, 25k, or 5k - November 6
• Dirty South Trail Half Marathon or 10k - Dec 5

Runners are not required to run each race, but are encouraged to. Even if you don't, you'll probably still save money, and you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time on the trails.  This year we've extended the deadline for signing up for the deal all the way to June 1.  Still a good offer even if you miss the first few races of the year.  Yeah, it's not a twelve race series after the first race, but even by June, you'd still save money registering for just the second half of the year.

We value volunteerism highly. Volunteerism is required for placement in the Grand Prix Rankings. In order to qualify for a Grand Prix award, runners must also volunteer for a minimum of two events. Each race has opportunities for both race participants and support personnel. Tasks can be found and selected on individual Runsignup race pages.

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