GGBA 2014 - 2015 Winter League

Event Date

Sat, Jan 3, 2015


Garland, TX

About This Activity

Teams are limited to 12 players on their roster. Under special circumstances, teams may petition the GGBA Board for an exemption to the 12-player limit. Additional players may be added to the official roster prior to the 3rd week of the season. After the 3rd week, coaches may request an exception to the rule by emailing the GGBA secretary -

Only the players listed on the official roster maintained in the GGBA System are eligible to participate in games. Guest players are not authorized at any time or under any circumstances. A player may only play on one (1) team. Players may play in their grade/division or higher.

Each team is allowed a Head Coach and an Assistant Coach. The coaches must be adults, 21 years or older, with a current approved GGBA application. The Head Coach is responsible for the conduct of all persons connected with their team (Assistant Coach, players, parents and fans). A coach must fill out a coach’s application every year which will expire on August 31st.

The use of an illegal player by any team will result in the suspension of the player and the coach and a forfeit for the games the illegal player played in. An illegal player is defined as someone that is not on the current GGBA approved roster.

All uniforms shall have numbers on the front (4 inches) and back (6 inches). Numbers may be 1 or 2 digits using numbers from 0-5.
Reversible uniforms are recommended with one side being white or a "light" color.
Uniforms are not included in the registration fee.
Each team is responsible for the purchase of their own uniforms
At the games the Home team will wear white/light color jerseys and the Visitor team will wear dark color jerseys

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