DORBA Judgment Day 2017

Event Date

Sat, Jul 22, 2017


Garland, TX

About This Activity

An Eternity Of Singletrack

Judgment Day is where you challenge yourself to complete a certain number of trails (as laid out by the Organizers) within 24 hours.

**This event is only open to current paying dues DORBA members. To become a member please join at:

This year we technically have 9 trails as you will start and end at RCP. Here are the order of trails:

Rowlett Creek Preserve
Sister Grove Park
Erwin Park
Isle Du Bois State Park
Johnson Branch State Park
Knob Hill Trail
Northshore Trail
LB Houston Trail
Harry Moss Park Trail
Rowlett Creek Preserve

Three categories:

Hard (60ish miles)
Harsh (90ish miles)
Hellish (SS 90ish miles)

The main thing to focus on is that this is not a race and it's not a certain number of miles - it's completing the trails and loops in the order the organizers set by challenging yourself and having fun!

All finishers receive a coveted Top Cap.

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