Dupe-O Park 2-Hour Score-O

Event Date

Sat, Jun 20, 2020


Gainesville, FL

About This Activity

WHO - Gainesville, FL area runners, cyclists, walkers, friends, and families
WHAT - Popup Invisible Scavenger Hunt Run
WHERE - Packet pick up (where you get your map) is Lloyd Clarke Sports anytime during store hours before you start your run on Saturday. Event start is near the Depot Park downtown. You'll need the map to know where =)
WHEN - Saturday June 20th, from 8am until 8pm AND Sunday June 21st from 8am until 8pm
WHY -Why not??
HOW - Take up to 2 hours to locate as many of the 31 invisible checkpoints as you can, in any order, on FOOT (no wheels allowed)
HOW MUCH - Just like the course--it's your choice! You can donate when you register or after the event through Run Sign Up. The average donation from previous events ranged between $10-$20 per participant, but in this time of COVID-19, we also want to make sure anyone can participate regardless of income.

Two Rules Running and Northline Navigation are proud to present the Invisible Scavenger Hunt Run, which will take place ALL DAY  on both Saturday June 20th and Sunday June 21st. The event runs from 8am to 8pm each day and uses the public spaces of Downtown Gainesville starting and ending at Depot Park. To get all 31 points will probably be in the range of 12-14 miles. However, this is not about distance, but about how many points can you collect in 2 hours. This is a unique event that respects everyone's personal space in the era of COVID-19 social distancing, allows us to all run (or walk, hike, shimmy, Prancercize, etc) the same course and then compare results (and routes)... except, not all at once.

How it works -- after signing up through Run Sign Up you will receive an email with specific instructions. Then you will use a free smartphone app called UsynligO (which means, "invisible orienteering" in Norwegian,) a printed paper course map that you will pick up from Lloyd Clarke Sports (consider this 'packet pick up'), arrive at the start area (marked with a triangle on the map) near the Cade Museum on your own schedule on either day of the event, and begin the course. You can go ANY TIME from 8am to 8pm on 6/20 or 6/21, but you MUST FINISH by 8pm on either Saturday or Sunday. If you complete the event on Saturday, you can even go back out and try again on Sunday!

When you launch the app and begin the activity, the clock is ticking and you'll have 2 hours to travel on foot OR bike to as many checkpoints marked on the map as you can. Checkpoints are simply marked as circles at specific features in the landscape. When you arrive at a checkpoint, the app (running silently in your pocket) senses your position via GPS and marks your visit with a snazzy little tune to indicate that you've FOUND IT. High five yourself, and carry on to the next one!

Can you get them ALL? If so, who can do it the FASTEST?

All along the way, UsynligO records your track (just like Strava-type apps) and keeps score of how many (and which) points you have collected. Once time runs out (or you quit,) your score is displayed on the Leaderboard, visible inside the app. You can also share your GPX route to yourself for uploading to Strava, or whatever social training platform you use.

At the end of the day on Sunday, the course will close and all results will be collected and presented online. Submitted GPX routes run through a REPLAY and post-race analysis video of "interesting performances" and "questionable decisions."

So, grab your running shoes or your bike (mountain bike recommended), your thinking caps, and your adventure outfits. Take lots of pictures, share your experiences with others, and spread the word because Invisible Scavenger Hunt Runs are here, and they're here to stay!

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