Bless Her Heart 5K for AK

Event Date

Sat, Sep 20, 2014


Fulton, MS

About This Activity

2014 Bless Her Heart 5K for AK Run/Walk

This 5K is a benefit to help raise money for medical expenses for Azie Kate Leathers a heart patient from Tremont, MS.

Azie Kate's journey began the summer of 2013 when she was hospitalized for multiple episodes of recurring fevers of unknown origin.   July 2013 Azie was admitted to Le Bohneur hospital in Memphis for another fever episode.  After numerous tests, Azie was diagnosed with an autoinflammatory disorder called Periodic fever, aphthous stomatitis, pharyngitis and adenitis or (PFAPA). Her inflammatory disorder would occur about every 3 weeks and last for 5-7 days. During these periods Azie would run fevers from 103 to 105, have joint pain, GI issues, mouth sores and dehydration. While there is no cure for this disorder, symptoms that occur during a flare can be eased by giving a large dose of steroids to reduce the inflammation. At Azie's age the use of steroids at the rate she required them would likely have negative long term effects on her. After we read some research about her disorder, it was found that 80% of children the have there tonsils and adenoids removed would stop having these episodes or symptoms would greatly improve. After talking to Azie's doctors the decision was made to have her tonsils and adenoids removed.

On December 6, 2013 Azie went in for the adenotonsillectomy surgery. During the start of the general anesthesia Azie's heart rate and blood pressure dropped and CPR along with medication intervention was needed to stabilize her.  She was unable to have the surgery. She was reintubated in recovery after having more distress. The decision was made to transfer her to Le Bohneur; The Pedi Flight crew could not airlift her to Memphis due to ice so a Le Bohneur ambulance came to Tupelo and transferred her by ground. Once we arrived At Le Bohneur Azie was taken for a CT and then admitted to the PICU.

While she was in was in ICU the specialists were trying to determine what triggered the arrest.  An ultrasound was done on her heart and revealed that she was in acute congestive heart failure.  After changing her treatment plan she began to improve, but then she began with a fever episode.  She became lethargic and a rheumatologist was consulted to evaluate her.  She was given IV steroids and within a few hours her fever resolved.  After a 7-8 days stay in the hospital she was finally stable enough to go home on medication management of her heart failure and inflammatory disease.  She was sent home on aspirin to keep her from forming a blood clot since her heart was not functioning well. She was also on lasix and blood pressure medication to remove fluid and help her heart pump better. She was taking inflammatory medications as well.  The cause of her heart failure remains unknown.  Her rheumatologist said she is a very rare case that only one other child with PFAPA was documented to have heart failure as a result of the chronic inflammation.

Azie is able to see her team of specialists on an outpatient basis, but has to undergo routine testing of her heart and blood work.  Her prognosis is unclear at this point.  Her illnesses do not keep her from giving you the biggest smile that will melt your heart.  Please help support Azie Kate as she undergoes this journey.  Please pray for her healing.

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