The Tribal Quest

Event Date

Sat, Jul 12, 2014


Fredericksburg, VA

About This Activity

Ready to Find Your Self? Get away from the everyday humdrum and get back to your roots? Find your inner wild animal?

Many say that the human race has become soft; that humans are not made to sit on their asses and eat twinkies, play video games, and ride a Segway.

Fortunately, there are some amongst us whose minds and bodies are starting to rebel against the sissy life style. We at The Tribal Quest give you the perfect opportunity to release your inner beast; come and bring your Tribe to conquer the Quest. It will test your limits and let you know who your friends are, and it sure as hell will give you a slap in the face to bring you back in touch with being human. You know it's in you - all you have to do is open the cage.

If you didn't take the Quest last year, you don't want to miss it again. You will complete a 6 mile course through some rather challenging terrain. You will cross ponds, rivers, and mud holes, crawl and cross high walls, "swim" through mud ditches and carry kettlebells - just to name a few of the obstacles. Doesn't sound so bad now, does it? To help satisfy your need to reconnect, we will throw in a couple of unconventional torturous challenges. So if you want to be accepted by your tribe and break through the sissy barrier, you will have to successfully complete the course. And if you decide to skip a challenge - well, let's just say some of us are beasts and others are bunnies! And if you feel that it may be too much to take on solo - get your friends to help you conquer the Quest and form a team. The larger the team, the cheaper it gets!! Discounts start to apply for teams of 10 or more.

  • 2014 Obstacles: Crossfit challenges, Kettle Bell Carry, Highwalls, Deep Creek Bear Crawl, Stairway to Heaven, Tired Yet?, Ditch This, Sink your Sack, River Crossing, Snake Pond, Pipe Crawl, SURPRISE CHALLENGE and more. 22 obstacles all together.
  • 2014 Obstacles will take the Quest to a new level!! More info to come.
  • Distances: ~5 mile lap around wide open clay fields, shaded and hilly wide single track with several wet obstacles and other torturous challenges. KICK-ASS FUN! You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone several times with additional challenges along the way - more detail on the obstacles will come soon, but they will include physical and mental tasks we'll make sure you get your money's worth.
  • Awards: Awards will be given to all finishers (IF you finish). Top 3 male/female solos in the FIRST WAVE and top 3 teams of WAVE 2 will receive cash awards!

Event schedule and times

  • Race Start: Saturday, 7/12 at 9 a.m.! Waves of 200 every 30 minutes
  • Race Day Registration and Packet Pick-up: Packet pickup is available July 11 at VA Runner in Central Park, Fredericksburg, or race day at the tents from 7:00 a.m. until 30 min before the start of the last wave. NO REGISTRATION AFTER Wednesday JULY 9.

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