Metro S.W.A.T. New England Fitness Challenge

Event Date

Sat, Sep 27, 2014


Foxborough, MA

About This Activity

This is NOT your average obstacle course or mud run… this is DIFFERENT. 
Teams will come face to face with S.W.A.T. and British Special Forces inspired obstacles, including armored tanks, mock gun fighting, pure lactic-acid build up and pain. 
The First Ever Overnight Fitness Challenge inside Gillette Stadium, Foxborough MA
Gillette Stadium has hosted some of the toughest and hard hitting athletes in the NFL 
and is home to the New England Patriots as well as the ultra-fit, New England 
Revolution Soccer Team. 
This stadium has seen its share of epic physical challenges, broken bones, pure heart 
and tremendous victories.
On September 27-28, 2014, it will be home of a challenge unlike anything held inside the stadium before... Forcing everyday Hero’s from SWAT team members, Police, Fire to CEOs, Mom's and weekend warriors to prove they are as fit and strong as the 
athletes that play here. 
Find the passion in the eyes of men and women who fought fires with Boston Firefighter’s Ed Walsh and Michael Kennedy, come compete side by side with them. 
Everyone has a story… but not everyone signs up! 
We all have something to prove... Do you have what it takes?
Can you overcome the mental and physical exhaustion, pain and fatigue to better the lives of others? 
12 Hours 
10-15 Obstacles 
10-15 person Teams 
$5,000 Min. Requierment per team

Event details and schedule

8 PM Stadium UNLOCKS

get your team ready..

Receive Map and List of Obstacles

9p-930p Opening Ceremonies
930p-10p Travel time to first event for all competitors
10:05p-10:45p Event 1
5 min brief/15 min travel
11:05p-11:45p Event 2
5 min brief/15 min travel
12:05a-12:45a Event 3
5 min brief/15 min travel
1:05a-1:45a Event 4
5 min brief/15 min travel
2:05a-2:45a Event 5
5 min brief/15 min travel
3:05a-3:45a Event 6
5 min brief/15 min travel
4:05a-4:45a Event 7
5 min brief/15 min travel
5:05a-5:45a Event 8
5 min brief/15 min travel
6:05a-6:45a Event 9
5 min brief/15 min travel
7:05-7:45a Event 10
5 min brief/15 min travel
8:05a-8:45a Event 11
5 min brief/15 min travel
9:05a-10:30a Event 12

11a-12 Closing Ceremonies and Celebration!

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