Apestyle Fitness presents 2nd Annual I am not My Autism 5K walk/run for Autism Awareness

Event Date

Sat, Apr 26, 2014


Flushing, NY

About This Activity

Joseph Valdes is six years old. He was diagnosed with PDD-NOS (pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified) at the age of 2. Joseph is our son and the reason for this 5K walk/run we are creating. This is our 2nd annual walk for autism awareness, and we hope that it is more successful every year to come. Parents of children with autism may feel alone but our goal is to provide community and support. We know all too well the judgement that occurs with children or adults who are autistic. We strive to erase the judgement and enhance understanding. My son is the hardest working, most determined person I know. He works so hard to do things that we may take advantage of doing every day. He doesnt give up and he makes us, his parents, family, and friends, appreciate the little things a lot more. Autism Awareness is important and early detection is beneficial in getting the help your child needs. Lets do this together! My foundation (that is currently in the licensing stage) I am not My Autism is for every child who has ever been judged by their diagnosis. We stand up, loud and proud to say WE ARE NOT OUR AUTISM, we are people just like you..... Thank you again for all your support!

This event is on April 26, 2014. Registration is open until April 25, 2014 11:59pm. No registration will be able to be done the day of. This event wil be held at flushing meadows corona park, we will provide a map of the trail. The start of the walk and sign in will be held at the industry pond and we will finish at the the industry pond as well.

Event schedule and times

Sign in will begin at 8:00am. Sign in is where t-shirts are picked up and attendance is taken. Warmup will begin at 8:45am and Walk/Run begins at 9:00am. The race will end at 1pm and festivites will begin at this time. The event ends at 4:00pm

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