Florence Police SWAT Challenge

Event Date

Sat, Aug 30, 2014


Florence, AL

About This Activity

"Failure Is Not An Option!" The Florence Police SWAT Challenge is an event like no other.  Your mission begins as you enter the gates and begin your mental preparations for your SWAT Operation. After you receive your SWAT Operator assignment and mission brief you ready yourself for the first challange, moving through a series of obstacles to get to your target location. This obstacle course includes dressing out for your operation and moving yourself and your gear to your target. Once you negotiate the obstacle course, then it's time to take on the bad guys in your simulated assualt course. This challenge increases your adrenaline and tests your physical and mental ability to identify your targets and neutralize your threats. But it doesn't end there.... Your final challenge takes you on a 1 mile fun run through mud, over walls, and through fire as you earn the right to call yourself elite! Along the way, real life SWAT Operators will be by your side encouraging you to complete the task at hand and support you as you take the challange! This event is about fun, it is designed for all types of participants from novice runner to extreme mudder, but will allow you push yourself while having a great time!  Will you accept the Challenge?

Event schedule and times

You will be assigned a specific time to run your event.  Events will begin at 7:00 a.m.  When you arrive go directly to the registration area and have a picture ID ready.  Once you sign your waiver and receive your bag, you'll be taken to the mission brief and receive instructions before beginning your events.  Parking is somewhat limited, so car pooling is encouraged. 

You WILL get dirty.  Long pants are encouraged but not mandatory.  Athletic shoes or boots (no open toe shoes).  There will be SWAT operators and safety officers on site and assigned to each group to ensure a safe and fun environment.  There is an area to change clothes afterwards if you wish.  Be one of the 100!!   

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