Grass Roots Racing Two Below Duo at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

Event Date

Sat, Feb 22, 2014


Farmington, PA

About This Activity

NEW THIS YEAR! Two Below Duo results will count toward the 2014 GRASS totals!
2014 Two Below Duo February 22-23:
The 2BD is returning to Nemacolin Woodlands Resort with a newer, more exciting format! Once again the race will be a 3 Stage event but results will be based on points—not time—using the following format….

Stage 1—Biathlon—Run/Shoot—Saturday, 8:00am at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort Shooting Academy: Racers will run a 1 mile lap for 30 minutes.  Each complete lap will score that individual 2 points, and final lap at 30 minute cut-off will be awarded partial points. Following the race, Nemacolin will present the option to shoot clay pigeons at their "5 Stand" for possible bonus points. 

Stage 2—Nighttime Navigation—Saturday, 6:00pm at Nemacolin’s Adventure Center Yurt: Meet and start indoors. This event will be a ROGAINE, and racers will have three hours to collect as many control points as possible. A plotted topographical map will be provided, and CP’s will be reflective and located on terrain features. Points awarded will be based on the number of controls collected, and their assigned values.

Stage 3—Duathlon—Run, Bike, Run—Sunday, 10:00am at Nemacolin’s Adventure Center Yurt: Meet indoors
and start outdoors. This race will contain very simple navigation with 11 control points. Control Points will be placed in obvious locations and a Nemacolin map will be provided. Racers will be responsible for plotting CP’s on their map by transferring them from a plotted “master map”. Map plotting will take place indoors. The stage will start with a fast 1.75 mile run/ski. Racers will then transition to a 10 mile bike leg, and then back to a
 final 4.3 mile run/ski (skiing is dependent upon snow).  Points will be awarded based upon finishing placement.


Event schedule and times

Gear Requirements for Two Below Duo: Stage 1—Biathlon—Running shoes. Guns and targets provided. 
Stage 2—Nighttime Navigation. Each teammate must have a hands free form of lighting (ie headlamp etc.), and each team must have a compass, and a map case. Suggested gear includes extra batteries, and a supplemental source of light (flashlight etc.) 
Stage 3—Duathlon—Running shoes and/or skis, mountain bike. Studded snow tires are permitted, but should not be necessary.

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