Grass Roots Nemacolin Adventure Race

Event Date

Sat, May 31, 2014


Farmington, PA

About This Activity

Early spring races are known for mud, and Nemacolin has its fair share of it!  But don't let this stop you from entering this challenging race that is designed to be fast and exciting.  If you are new to adventure racing, this is a great chance to get you feet wet (pun intended) and if you are a veteran this race is sure to test your winter training program!  This race will consist of running (up to 9 miles), mountain biking (up to 15 miles), and navigation.  It is anticipated that the navigation for this race will be minimal for the bike leg, and that it will be at an intermediate level for the run leg.  The race will follow a ROGAINE format (racers will have a choice of what, and how many Control Points they will visit) though there may be some required Control Points (CP's)--as well as some marked course.

For NAR, racers will have the choice of racing either the 3 or the 6 hour division.  Points awarded will be based on the number of Control Points visited, and their assigned value.  The team or racer with the most points in the fastest time wins.

Event schedule and times

Required Gear for NAR:

Mountain Bike

Bike Helmet

Map case (or gallon zip loc) to protect map, clue sheet, and punch card.


Hydration pack, or water bottles.

Cell phone for emergency (may not be used for guidance or outside help).

Suggested Gear for NAR:
Running shoes and clothing--or comfortable alternative
Pen or pencil to take notes.
Schedule for NAR:
7:00 am Registration and Transition Area open.
8:00 am Maps and clue sheets with point values are distributed.
9:00 am Race start for all divisions.
12:00 pm Race end for 3 hour division with awards shortly after.
3:00 pm Race end for 6 hour division with awards shortly after.
Food and beverage will be available at race end. Racers are invited to bring anything they would like to share.

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