30 Mile Salad Run

Event Date

Sat, Oct 18, 2014


Farmington, MI

About This Activity

Chef Ben Pulver, father of four and Metro-Detroit’s only personal chef/ personal trainer, is turning 30! Help him celebrate with a fun-spirited 30 mile challenge to raise funds for a salad bar to Lanigan Elementary.

About: Chef Ben is working with Lanigan Elementary in Farmington Hills and Let’s Move Salad Bars To Schools to offer healthier options for student lunches. Let’s Move Salad Bars To Schools, founded by “Renegade Lunchlady” Chef Anne Cooper, is a nationally run non-profit that brings...you guessed it…salad bars to schools. The salad bar will be a symbol and a jumping off point for healthier options and educational opportunities to come.

The 30 Mile Salad Run: Chef Ben is turning 30 in his own style, with a 30 mile challenge. In addition to running 30 times around a 1 mile loop around Lanigan Elementary, Ben (and anyone who wants to join him) will take on 30 different challenges chosen by donors. For $30 donors have the opportunity to challenge Ben in between each mile loop. Challenges can be as simple as 30 situps, pushups, tractor tire flips, etc. though the challenge is up to donors imagination.

Though the 30 mile run and each additional challenge will be physically demanding, the idea is to have fun and to promote a lifelong healthy lifestyle while raising money for healthy food options at Lanigan Elementary.

Kids' 1 Mile Challenge:

Runners of any age are welcome to join in at any of the miles and challenges. Most kids, however, will want to run the Kids' Mile Challenge. It will consist of the same one mile loop Chef Ben will be running all day, with several chances to stop and do some fun challenges of their own along the way. Veteran ultra-marathon runners, and Lanigan Grandparents, Linda and Joe Pulver will lead the kids through their course. 

30 Day Salad Challenge: To encourage healthy choices - and to encourage a slimmer waistline for the run – Chef Ben will pledge himself to a 30 day salad challenge leading up to the run. Beginning September 18, Chef Ben – and anyone who wants to participate with him – will eat at least one salad every day for 30 days. Chef Ben will be posting his daily salads as well as recipe ideas. Other participants are encouraged to share their salad stories too.

How to Participate:

1) Donate and offer up your challenge. Get creative: challenges can use bodyweight, existing elements in the park, Chef Ben’s exercise equipment, or your own weights or implements of torture.

2) Run along with Chef Ben. Challenge yourself to go as far as you can. (Since the course will be an ongoing loop, feel free to drop in and out for as long as you are up to running.) $30 allows you to run for as long as you can and enjoy post run refreshments and a t-shirt. Pledge sheets are also available to help you raise money toward the salad bar program at Lanigan by running.

3) Sign your kid up for the Kids' 1 Mile Challenge. A mile is a totally achievable distance for most kids to run, especially with little breaks for other challenges. The idea is to have fun with their peers while taking steps toward a healthy lifestyle by exercising and raising money for a healthy lunch program. $30 individual or $60 per household gets your kid a good run, a shirt, nutritious snacks, and the knowledge that they are creating their own healthy future.

3) Sign up for the 30 Day Salad Challenge. Chef Ben will share his salad recipes, and advice. Everyone participating can share their healthy habits and encourage each other. Consider pledging money for every time you skip a salad day.

Goal: Initial salad bar setup costs $2,825. This event alone may reach that goal. If not, our fundraising will speed along the process, along with LMSBS’s general fund. Additional fundraising and support will be necessary to maintain and expand nutritional offerings and educational opportunities for Lanigan students and families. We’re just getting started!

Event details and schedule

The 30 Mile Salad Run will begin at 9am, Saturday October 18th at Lanigan Elementary. Parking is available on site. A one mile loop around the school will be marked, and variety of exercise equipment will be on hand for challenges in between each mile. Challenges will be posted and Chef Ben will also lead instructions on challenges when necessary.

Kids' 1 Mile Challenge is offered at two timeslots - 11:00am and 3:00pm. Kids will meetup approximately 10 minutes before each start time for instructions.

This is not a race, but a fun-spirited challenge. Participants are free to drop in and out of the run, or select certain miles and corresponding challenges they wish to attempt. The goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle and raise money to provide Lanigan students healthy lunch options.

Be sure to check out our sponsor booths, which will all be geared toward families and children with a focus on community health.

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