Sourdough Triathlon

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Sat, Jul 26, 2014


Fairbanks, AK

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Sourdough Triathlon

The Sourdough Triathlon has been going strong for the last 23 years.  It has been a stable race throughout the state of Alaska and we hope to keep it that way.  The Sourdough also happens to be the only half Ironman distance (70.3m) in the state of Alaska.  The race is located in Chatanika Alaska which is about 40-45 mins northeast of Fairbanks located at mile post 33.3 of the Steese Highway.  It's a low key area with minimal traffic and plenty of wide open spaces.  The staging/transition area of the race will all be in the same location.  As a heads up, the transition area is gravel so you will want to use a blanket or large towel to set your stuff on.  We will have the area cleared to hopefully reduce the number of mosquitoes and to allow people to park their cars and to camp out.  We will have port-a-potties set up for people to use.  Sticking to tradition there will be a BBQ after the race so we are asking all participants to bring a dish to share and to hang around to get to know others in the triathlon community.

Swim Course

The swim temperature typically ranges from 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit so a wetsuit is highly recommended. The swim is located at mile post 33.3 in a gravel pit.  The swim will consist of 5 laps equaling a total of 1.2miles.  The swim course will be marked with floating Orange buoys along with a string running between each buoy.  Following the string will help you to not veer off course.  The gravel pit itself is deep enough so you will not be scraping yourself on the gravel which has been a problem in years past.  Exiting the water will require you to climb out of the gravel pit onto an AstroTurf transition area.  Use caution when entering and exiting the swim area as it get very slippery as more racers enter and exit the area.  As we get closer to race day, we will try to keep you up to date on the water temperature.


The bike course will consist of two laps equaling 56 miles.  Once you exit the swim, you will need to get your bike and run/ride about 100 yards before reaching the paved road.  Please use caution on this section since the transition area consists of loose gravel/rock.  Once on the road, you will make a right hand turn and proceed west for 3.2 miles before reaching a turnaround which will require you to cross the Steese highway and then proceed east. Traffic will not be stopped for participants therefore it is up to the racers to follow the road rules and proceed with caution. After heading east for 13.6 miles you will come up to the next turnaround point. Using the pull off on the north side of the road, racers will be able to access the aid station. Racers will then continue back to the 1st turnaround and complete their 1st loop. Racers will need to complete this loop for a 2nd time and then re-enter the transition area. The course is mostly flat with some rolling hills near the far turnaround point.  Please use caution when attempt to pass. The Steese Highway is popular for weekend use so camper traffic tends to be a little heavy.  Make sure you carry extra tubes in case of a flat.


The run course is 2 loops equaling 13.1 miles.  Once you drop off your bike you will run back down the transition area towards the road and make a left hand turn.  Be careful for any bikes that might be on the road throughout the run portion off the race.  You will run 1.7miles east to the 1st aid station. At this point you will then cross the road and continue back towards the start of the race.  Please use caution when crossing the street.  You will run pass the start of the race and continue down the road for an additional 1.5 miles where there will be another aid station.  You will then cross the road again at this point and continue back to the start and then do that same course again.  Once you have finished your second lap you will proceed to the finish line and complete the Sourdough Triathlon.  The run course is a flat course however there is very limited shade, so be prepared for it to be hot and for you to be exposed to the sun and elements.

Event schedule and times

July, 26, 2014

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