Franklin Mountains Trail Run

Event Date

Fri, Nov 10, 2017


El Paso, TX

About This Activity

This is a True Texas Mountain Race on the Franklin Mountains. The 50k will be around 5200' and climb to 7700' for the 50k. Most of the trails low are desert trail that is run able terrain with easy technical trail. The climb to the North Franklin Peak is a combination of straight climbing and swtichbacks.

The start/finish will be at the pavilion area circle inside of the Franklin Mountains State Park.

50k will be one loop of 32.0 miles

Total Elevation will be 6500' up and 6350' down

13.1 will be 2 loops. 1 loop of 9.3 and one loop of 3.8

Total Elevation will be 2477' up and 2697" down

10k will be 2 loops 1 loop of 3.8 and one loop of 2.6

Total Elevation will be 1221' up and 1371' down

5k will be 1 loop of 3.8

Total Elevation will be 417' and 505' down

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