2020 Port Dawg Annual Memorial Run

Event Date

Wed, Aug 12, 2020


Eglin AFB, FL

About This Activity

 This is the time we take a moment to honor those who have served before us and their sacrifice. As we come together we build pride in being part of our career field and solidifying our heritage.  Being part of this heritage allows us to recognize we are a better Air Force because of those who have gone before us. Creating a common ground to come together as one and support one another. Every time we can get together it is a bonding time and helps build stronger relationships. We are a small family and whenever one of us passes away it impacts us all. 

   Each year units throughout the 2T2 community organize individual runs to not only strengthen our Air Transportation community, but also in remembrance of our fallen Port Dawgs. Unfortunately this year COVID-19 has caused us to change the way we have to do things, and this year’s run will be held virtually. 

 We would like to take a moment and recognize those who passed and those who have given the ultimate sacrifice this past year.   

 SMSgt, John B. Briggs

 SSgt, Micheal G. Gibbons

 SSgt, Eric J. Poole

 SSgt, Allyssandra C. Powers

 SrA, Dane T. Johnson

 SrA, Shawn A. Mckeough Jr.

 SrA, Syndi R. Barnes

 SrA, Kayli S. Jefferson-Henkel

 A1C, Carl M. Otto

The loss or our Brothers and Sisters highlights the dangers involved in the Transportation community, both on and off the job.  As we continue to perform our operations each and every day, I ask that all of us remain aware of the dangers and continue to look out for and brief each other so that we will all be back here next year, hopefully celebrating a year where we are displaying a T-Shirt with zero names on the back of it.  Due to COVID-19 This run will be held at separate locations of your choice and it is a 5K, which we use to take the time and remember the fallen Port Dawgs.

Thank you again for taking part in our memorial run virtually and supporting this event...


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