Bubble Palooza (Run with Rainbows) - New York/New Jersey

Event Date

Sat, Jun 28, 2014


East Brunswick, NJ

About This Activity

SOLD OUT -   This Event is Sold Out. If you would still like to participate we are looking for volunteers. If you volunteer you can run for free. More info at http://bubblepalooza.com/volunteer.


 If you have already purchased vouchers for tickets through a third party site please register and enter your voucher code in the coupon code box. No registrations without a prepurchased voucher code will be accepted.


The Bubble Palooza is the combination of a Spanish Tomato Toss,  Big Bird’s Bath Tub and a box of Lucky Charms! The Palooza is a three mile course where an intense cornucopia of colorful bubbles will rain down on you and your friends. Whether you walk, run, cartwheel or bunny hop through the epic walls of bubbles, you will end up looking like you got in a fight with a rainbow…and lost!

At the end of your journey, prepare to be transformed into a work of art at a music rock’in bubblebash as you get lost in an enormous sea of colorful bubbles at the Bubble Palooza Countdown.

After you have completed the Palooza’s extreme course of bubbles, your definition of insane fun will be altered for eternity, your view on life will be extremely optimistic, your cheeks will ache for days from the smiling and you will once again believe in unicorns. Prepare for the craziest celebration of survivor-ship the planet has ever seen!

Event schedule and times

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM

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