Tough as Trails Race Series 2015-2016

Event Date

Sat, Oct 24, 2015


Durham, NC

About This Activity

Bull City Running Co. proudly presents the 4th annual Tough as Trails Off-Road Race Series that features some of the most challenging, beautiful single track trail runs in North Carolina.

The series is comprised of 3 races in 2015-2016:

Eno River Run (10/24/15) [6 or 11 miles]
Uwharrie Mountain Run (2/6/16) [8, 20, or 40 miles]
Mountains-to-Sea Trail Challenge (4/10/16) [12 miles or 50km]

All three races have distance options, so scoring will be based on total mileage completed.

Series Rules: Please ensure you read and understand all series rules before registration.

1. Participants must register for all 3 races during Tough as Trails series registration in July 2015.
2. Participants must complete all races within series to be eligible for awards.
3. Series scoring and awards are based on total mileage completed, calculated by the ranges provided below. Final distance is calculated after participant finishes last race in series (MST Challenge).
4. Any requested adjustment to a distance that you originally registered for as part of the series must be made 1 month prior to start of that event. 
5. No refunds will be made to an adjustment at a reduced rate. Additional race fees will apply to an adjustment made at an increased rate. 
6. A change in distance request must be made to the series director at 
The Race Director has the discretion to approve or deny a distance transfer request. 
7. No refunds or participant transfers are permitted after registering for the series.

Scoring/Mileage Categories:
Category A: 26-50 miles (i.e. low distance option in each race, or combination of high and low)
Category B: 57-77 miles (i.e. some combination of high and low distance options in each race)
Category C: 82 miles (i.e. highest distance option in each race)

Note: Scoring is based on total cumulative mileage completed in each race.

For example: Eno River Run 11-mile + Uwharrie 8-mile +MST 12-Mile = 31 miles (Category A)
For example: Eno River Run 6-mile + Uwharrie 20-mile + MST 50K/31-Mile = 57 miles (Category B)
For example: Eno River Run 11-mile + Uwharrie 40-mile + MST 50K/31-Mile = 82 miles (Category C)

All series finishers will receive a special custom apparel piece (actual award depends on finishing category), in addition to receiving all benefits (i.e race t-shirts) and finisher prizes (if applicable) from each individual race in the series.

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