Honeymoon Half Volunteer Registration For 11/8/2014

Event Date

Sat, Nov 8, 2014


Dunedin, FL

About This Activity

The Honeymoon Half Marathon is going to be one of the most attended races of the year! We hope to make you a part of our exciting and enthusiastic team known for making races more enjoyable because of YOU!


Honeymoon Half Marathon Saturday, November 8, 2014, 5 a.m. until noon

Benefit: This race is launched in cooperation with the DEP to drive attendance to Florida’s 171 state parks and trail ways during off peak seasons to increase the awareness of preserving our park lands



Honeymoon Half Marathon Volunteer Positions Open: Each position requires online registration to ensure you get the position that best fits your will to serve. There is a $1 fee which covers your waiver and insurance on event day.  All volunteers are required to bring a small cooler with items that will make you comfortable on race day.  We encourage small collapsible stool or chair, sunscreen, a hat or sun visor, sunglasses, a change of clothes for weather changes, enough liquid to keep you hydrated (no alcohol is permitted), and some easy snacks. If you need to leave your position and it is not an immediate emergency please text or call your team leader so that they can put another person in your place.  After you complete your role, at the end of the race, all volunteers are entitled to free race food, beer, and refreshments with a free concert by the Black Honkeys!


Island Teams: The following 6 teams of volunteers will be positioned in one set location of the island throughout the race along the course. You will not have to move around to different positions as your team will be spread out throughout the mile you represent on the course.  All Island Team Volunteers will wear your best team color! Get creative and see how much of your color you can show including hats, boas, and funky accessories.  Arrive at 5 a.m. and come to the Osprey Parking lot on the north end of Honeymoon Island for your team meeting. All team meetings will take place at 5:45 a.m. in front of the stage. Please listen for announcements and meet your team by the color you have chosen.  Each team has a designated emcee. Your role on race morning is to get the runners to remember your team and vote YOU (by color of team) as the most enthusiastic or encouraging on the course when we announce our winning team at the post race concert at the finish line. The team that gets awarded the most encouraging will receive an additional $250 scholarship for the team they are representing in your service.

 A descprition is listed below for each team and their location...

Event schedule and times

This YELLOW team is located on the course at mile markers 1 and 13 to encourage the runners as they enter the course and upon their return of the half marathon loop. The Yellow Team benefits the Dunedin High School Wrestling Team And Their Booster Association  Register Now On Active For $1 which covers your volunteer insurance and online waiver (your dollar is returned to this team)  

 The RED team will be positioned at mile 2 where the runners also come back to you at mile 12.  The Red Team will benefit The Clearwater Chargers Soccer Club  Register Now On Active For $1 which covers your volunteer insurance and online waiver (your dollar is returned to this team)

 The BLUE team is located at mile 3 and 11. Your team invites the runners to most beautiful portion of Honeymoon Island so wear your best island BLUE and let your team get ISLAND creative!!!  The BLUE team will benefit Friends Of Island Parks, Inc. Register Now On Active For $1 which covers your volunteer insurance and online waiver (your dollar is returned to this team)

 The GREEN team is located at mile 4 and 10 which showcase our natural environment boat ramp, nature left and wildlife preserve. Keep it GREEN on this team and show our 1,000 plus runners who GREEN and pure your are in your love of the island, beach and woodlands and the life that inhabits this area before and after our event! Volunteer service from the GREEN teams allows us to use the Pinellas Trail extension and benefits Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources

 The PURPLE team will be located at miles 5 and 9 along Dunedin Causeway.  This team is going to STAND OUT brighter than all others so trail goers will know this race is on like DONKEY KONG! The PURPLE team benefits the Dunedin High School National Honor Society (NHS) These teens and their supporters are out to prove that smart kids make the BEST CHEERLEADERS!  Register now and your $1 and service to the Honeymoon Half will help teens in their endeavor to achieve high grades and new goals through NHS.

The NEON Team! The NEON team will wear their best neon yellow, orange, or green neon colors as you will serve at miles 6 through 8 on Dunedin Causeway over the drawbridge and along our runner turn around! You double as signs and human cones directing the runners around Gary Circle to make a safe return back onto and along Dunedin Causeway! Our runners are half way at this point so your cheers are arguably the MOST CRITICAL! Tell them how awesome they are and remind them to vote the NEON team as the best course team at the Honeymoon Half! The NEON Team benefits ALL pets lovers through the Dunedin Doggie Rescue (the only dogs brought to the race are rescues from the Dunedin Doggie Rescue so please no dogs at the turn around unless they have been approved by the race). Register now on Active for $1 to volunteer and benefit the Dunedin Doggie Rescue.

  Start/Finish Line Volunteers! This one isn’t in the running of  the additional scholarship but it is a LOT of fun and we typically have no trouble filling these spaces early! Register now as a BLACK HONKEY Volunteer and you’ll get a free concert played right before you as you serve the start/finish line at the Honeymoon Half!   Register now on Active.com


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