Leap Day 5k


Event Date

Sat, Feb 29, 2020


Denver, CO


Activity Today Later


$40 $50 Closed

About This Activity

2020 is a leap year!!!  So, we are celebrating with the Leap Day 5K.  Did you know that according to the Gregorian calendar, leap year doesn’t occur exactly every four years? That’s right!!!  Gregory was even more precise and made leap year occur in years divisible by four, except for those divisible by 100 and not divisible by 400. Confusing enough for you? So that means that 97 out of every 400 years are leap years, including the century years 1600 and 2000 but NOT 1700, 1800 and 1900.

Bottom line? Leap day will not occur on a weekend in a long time! So, don't miss the chance to run a fun 5k on leap day!!! 


Get your leap on - on and off the course.  You'll have the option to LEAP hay bales halfway through the 5k as well as test your standing long leap and vertical leap before or after you run (or walk.)  There will be PRIZES for the highest and longest leaper as judged by our Leap Captain in the expo!

Did you know that people born on leap day are known as “leaplings” or “leapers”?  They usually don't wait four years to celebrate their birthdays, but choose to celebrate on February 28 or March 1 instead. Are you a leaper or do you know a leaper? Anyone who is officially a LEAPER will be given a free race entry (must show valid ID to prove Leaper status). How fun is that?! If your birthday is on Leap Day and you want to race for FREE, Email us at info@3wraces with a copy of your DL and we will send you a race voucher.


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