Brokeman's Dayton Ohio

Event Date

Sun, Aug 26, 2018


Dayton, OH

About This Activity

Brokeman's Running is back for it's 3rd year in Dayton Ohio and we've made some changes to your distance options!

Brokeman's Running is a local grass roots running movement aiming at taking the glitz and swag out of the racing scene and bringing back the focus on community, the beauty of the grind, and the promotion of physical and mental health.

Description of the route:
The starting location of the race is at Eastwood Metropark. The route starts at the shelter house at park and follows along a 5 mile round trip path inside the park and consists of roughly 50% shade and 50% open course. The entire route is on a paved All Purpose Trail. There will be 3 stops for each 5 mile "circle" that you complete, that pass by 4 times. You will have a restroom at the start of the "circle" that you will pass once every 5 miles.

Please note:

The entrance to Eastwood Metropark is just slightly south of the entrance to Eastwood Metropark Lake Entrance. Please make sure you go to the location at corresponds with the GPS coordinates above

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