Bridge 2 Bridge Danville

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Sun, Apr 14, 2019


Danville, VA

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Good Morning Bridge2Bridge Participants!

Let me start by thanking our over 700 participants and 160 volunteers who came out yesterday on a gorgeous day to support the efforts of the Danville Pittsylvania Cancer Association and show support for friends, family and loved ones who are struggling with and/or have lost their lives to Cancer.

Your Bridge2Bridge Race Crew works hard to put on a quality race and each year we are rewarded immeasurably
by the smiles, tears and camaraderie that we see from our loyal and loving participants.This event brings great joy to our lives just as we hope it does to yours. We are all working together to make a positive impact on peoples’ lives in this community and it shows!
While we don’t have our exact totals just yet, we know for a fact, that we have raised over $60,000 just this year and more than $450,000 since our inception 9 years ago!

While we strive for excellence and are very proud of the race we put on, things don’t always go according to plan! We would be remiss in not acknowledging the errors that occurred with the timing of the race. While some of the results are correct, a large number of them are not and for that we are very sorry. We hired a large, well respected race management company to time our race after the organization we have utilized for years became a part of this larger entity. While we are making every attempt to correct these errors, we are, simply put, at the mercy of those hired to provide this service. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter as we do everything in our power to correct it.

We are looking forward to our 10 year milestone in 2019 and are already brainstorming about possible ways to make this event even better!
Look for some changes next year and mark your calendars for APRIL 13TH, 2019.
It promises to be a good time!

Thank you once again to our loyal fans, our dedicated volunteers, sponsors and supporters of this great event.

With love and gratitude-
Karen Johnston
B2B Race Director

 Hello and thank you for visiting our website! For those of you who are ready to sign up for one of our events, we hope you will find this site as user friendly as we do! Should you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. Below you will find Karen's' story, which we hope will inspire and motivate you to join us in our never ending quest to support the efforts of the Danville Pittsylvania Cancer Association. Thank you all for your generous support of this great event!

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