Tour de Youth

25 Mile, Century, Half Century

Event Date

Sun, Jun 28, 2015


Dallas, TX


Activity Today Later

Cycling-325 miles - Individual Age group/open

$325 $325 Closed

Cycling-Century-2 Day Tour - Individual Age group/open

$350 $350 Closed

Cycling-Half Century-1 Day Tour - Individual Age group/open

$175 $175 Closed

About This Activity

 The Southwest Region Conference (SWRGC) Cycling team is made up of amateur and professional athletes who have chosen the discipline of road cycling to reach a goal of helping the youth and adults understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and bring awareness to the growing obesity problem.   This team decided that the best way to bring awareness to the obesity problem in the United States and in particularly the Southwestern part of the country, would be to cycle from Dallas to San Antonio in the Tour de Youth 2015 (TDY2015).  They will ride 325 miles (see attached the map of projected route)-from the Southwest Region Conference office in Dallas Texas, to our 60th General Conference Session in San Antonio where over 100,000 attendees are expected to convene.

We are partnering with Education, Health, Family and Communication organizations to create an awareness with youth and adult obesity and how fitness and education can help achieve healthier generations.

  • o   This four day, 325-mile event will raise $300,000 and culminates with a ride ending at the kick-off of the 2015 General Conference Session.
  • o   A dedicated group of pastors and community cyclist have committed to training for the four day ride to help open access to education and health programs for new and current students.
  • o   The grueling 325-mile journey will begin at the SWRC headquarters in Dallas (June 21st) or (June 28th) and will culminate at the 2015 General Conference Convention site in San Antonio (June 24th) or (July 2nd).
  • o   Both corporate sponsors and individual donors will be asked to join the partnership.

Event details and schedule

Cyclists Information:
-Route can be found at:  (325 miles)(Route is subject to change)
-Moderate to Difficult Route:  Hills and flats-Average Elevation Grade 4-8%
-Cyclist Skill level should be well conditioned.  
-Days: 4 (there is a 1 day added just in case)
-Transportation will be provided back to Dallas after the event if needed.
-Cyclists will also need to supply a workout log from Strava, MapMyRide, Garmin, etc.  This is being done to make sure all cyclists are ready for the tour and have put in the needed training.
Ride Conditions:
-Pace 15-23 mph
-Group Ride on shoulders and road
-Supported two rest stops: 40 miles & 80 miles
-Abandon option:  If a cyclist needs to abandon the tour, they will be placed in the support vehicle until the end of the ride day.  We will do our best to accommodate the return trip to Dallas before the end of the tour. 
 Bikes Condition:
-Cyclists will need their bike inspected and maintenance checked before coming to the tour.
-It is STRONGLY Recommended that all cyclists have spare wheels just in case of damage along the road.  The Tour organizer will have spare inner tubes for riders.  
-We will be providing support during the tour for basic bike needs.  If your bike is a specialized one, we will not be offering support or parts.  Please have extra parts for your bike.
-There will be support vehicles traveling with the peloton so there will be no need for cyclists to carry bike tools and extra inner tubes.  
Pledge Information:  Visit  to find the following items to help you raise funds-
-Fundraising Letter 
-Donation Form
-Poster and postcard
- Training Schedule
-Bike requirements
- and much more


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Each cyclist should be at least 18 years of age.  There are some exceptions to the age limit.  Please contact tour organizers for details.


What can/can't I bring to the event?

Because of the nature of the organization and the principles of healthy lifestyle, we do not want any alcoholic beverages, drugs or tobacco products during the tour.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? or

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, it is transferable to another conditioned cyclists.

 Why is the minimum fee to register for the Tour de Youth $650?

The Tour de Youth Cycling event has dual causes.  The first is to bring an awareness to youth and adult obesity in the United States and particularly the South.  The secondary cause is for worthy student scholarships for young people who needs financial support.  This means that half ($325) of the registration fee will go for worthy student scholarships so that young people would learn healthy lifestyle choices.

  What are some of the payment options to cover the fees for the event?

There are letters for sponsorship that can be used to send out to help raise money for the tour.  We also have a monthly option that is available of $50.00 that will assist.  We are asking that cyclist to use their network of friends, family and coworkers to help them raise the funds to support their participation in the event.  Creating partnerships will help of accomplish our goals together.

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