TeamQuest Urban Race

Event Date

Sat, Sep 28, 2013


Dallas, TX

About This Activity

So, you want to race! Great! We hope you are ready for an experience you won’t forget!

TeamQuest is for those who want to participate in an event like “The Amazing Race,” but haven’t been selected for competition, or who don’t have a month they can take off work or school! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, we bring it all to you! It’s a wacky, mind-boggling endurance event that you don’t want to miss!

You’ll be given a card with 12 clues to locations spread out up to a 3-5 mile radius (approximate 5K total running distance) of our starting point (tentatively Katy Trail Ice House in Uptown). These clues will need to be completed in any order before you come back to Dick’s, and complete the race.Quickest team wins! Now, when we say “in any order,” we mean you should probably go in a strategic order, so you don’t waste your time running back and forth across downtown Dallas. Your choice, though. Maybe you want more exercise! We won’t stop you!

Now, when you get to your checkpoints, you are going to run into some obstacles. Some might be simple, and some might be a little harder where a non-running team can catch up! Don’t worry, if you have brain and brawn, you are good to go! You’ll run into puzzles and physical challenges, or you might just need to take a picture with an object. You’ll find out when you get to the location in the clue!

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