Braxton Beer Mile

1 Mile

Event Date

Fri, Oct 7, 2022


Covington, KY


Activity Today Later

MILE RUN (6:30 PM Wave)

$35 $35 Closed

MILE RUN (7:00 PM Wave)

$35 $35 Closed

About This Activity

Braxton Brewing Co. and Road iD welcome you back to the 4th Annual Fall Covington Beer Mile!
What is a beer mile, you ask? The rules are simple. Four Beers. Four Laps. One Mile.

This event is for runners of all levels and we encourage all to participate! All waves are equal and time is recorded and prizes are awarded to best time overall three waves.
Are you up for the challenge this year?? Need more incentive? All participants will run on a safe/closed/marked course with chip timing and of course - Braxton Brewing cold beers to drink along the way. After the race, runners will also receive a free pint (to enjoy at your own pace) and a slice of pizza to top it off. Stick around for the after party at Braxton!

1) Each competitor drinks four cans of beer and runs four laps (course will be marked) (start - beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap, then beer, then lap - finish).
2) Beer must be consumed before the lap is begun, within the transition area.
3) The race begins with the drinking of the first beer in the last meter of the transition zone to ensure the competitors run a complete mile (1609 meters).
4) Beer cans must not be tampered with in any manner, ie. no shotgunning or puncturing of the can except for opening the can by the tab at the top. No straws or other aids are allowed in order to aid in the speed of pouring.
5) Beer must be a minimum of 5% alcohol by volume. 
6) Each beer can must not be opened until the competitor enters the transition zone on each lap.
7) Competitors who vomit before they finish the race must complete one penalty lap at the end of the race (immediately after the completion of their 4th lap). Note: Vomiting more than once during the race still requires only one penalty lap at the end. * It is strongly recommended, when attempting official records, to tip the empty beer can or bottle over your head at the end of a chug to verify an empty vessel.
8) If you have not completed your fourth beer and began your last quarter mile lap by 30 minutes after your wave has started you will be removed from the course to allow staff to prepare for the next wave.

First Place Overall Male and Female - 
$50 ROAD ID Gift Card, $75 Braxton Giftcard

Second Place Over all Male and Female - 
$50 ROAD iD Gift Card and $50 Braxton Giftcard

Third Place Overall Male and Female - 
$35 ROAD iD Gift Card and $25 Braxton Giftcard

View the images below of the finish line from 2018.

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