Heroes vs. Villains 5K & Flag Gauntlet - Run/Walk

5K, 1 Mile

Event Date

Sat, Oct 17, 2015


Corona, CA


Activity Today Later

5K Hero (Run/Walk) - Adult/Child (Ages 12+)

$45 $45 Closed

5K Hero (Run/Walk) - Children (Ages 8-11) Can run without a parent/gaurdian

$35 $35 Closed

5K Hero (Run/Walk) - Children (Ages 0-7) 6 children this age per parent/gaurdian

$0 $0 Closed

Villain (Ages 12+ Rip Flags off Running Heroes in Gauntlet Areas/Both 1 Mile & 5K) - Flag Ripping Villain for 2 Hours

$35 $35 Closed

1 Mile Run/Walk - Adult 18+ (Free for parents registered in 5K)

$25 $25 Closed

1 Mile Run/Walk - Children (Ages 8-17) Can run without a parent/gaurdian

$15 $15 Closed

1 Mile Run/Walk - Children (Ages 0-7) 6 children this age per parent/gaurdain

$0 $0 Closed

Volunteer (2pm to 7pm) Pre-race opportunities also available. - Volunteer

$0 $0 Closed

Volunteer Villain - Not open to the public (Must Dress as a Villain) - Volunteer Villain (12+)

$0 $0 Closed

About This Activity

"FUNNEST 5K EVER!" 2nd Annual. Run/Walk the race as a HERO or be a flag ripping VILLAIN. HEROES (runners/walkers) receive a rental belt with three red football flags on them that can be removed in each of the three gauntlet areas filled with VILLAINS (see flag removal rules below). VILLAINS can only walk but get to have fun ripping flags off heroes for 2 hours during the 1Mile and 5K races from 4pm to 6pm. Heroes who finish with at least one flag receive the HEROES MEDAL. Those who finish with no flags receive a SURVIVORS MEDAL. Villains receive a VILLAINS MEDAL. All participants receive a medal. All participants 8 and older will also receive a shirt (size by first come first serve) and a goodie bag. Heroes will be able to purchase an extra yellow flag that can only be removed in the final gauntlet. (1st gauntlet villains can remove 1 flag. 2nd gauntlet villains can remove 1st and 2nd flag. 3d gauntlet villians can remove 3rd flag, and 4th yellow flag if purchased.) This race helps fund Alliance for Family Wellness and Operation Safehouse. This is not a timed race. It is a race of tactics, stratey and FUN!

Event details and schedule

Registration is online or at 3pm on race day. 1 Mile race is at 4pm. 5K race is at 4:30pm - 6pm. Villains show up at 3pm for training and placement. The course will be in the backside parking lot of Dos Lagos. The course route will be posted on the website at www.heroes4victims.com by the end of April. All information, rules, does and dont's are below. Please email us at cparker@emotionalethics.com for more information or call 951-206-8824.

  • Do not have direct or intentional aggressive physical contact with any hero or villain on the course.

  • Do not touch, grab, hit, tackle, kick or anything else that may be harmful to the villains or heroes. If you violate these rules, you will be automatically disqualified and escorted from the course without refund.

  • Do not hide your flags inside your clothing. Villains are self absorbed, often “more bark then bit”, and slow (they arn't allowed to run); you will not need to cheat.

  • Do not wear masks.

  • Do not carry real weapons on the Dos Lagos property. Fake weapons are fine but cannot be carried in your hands while in the race or be a danger to others around you. Fake guns cannot be made of wood and plastic ones must have the manufacturers orange tip on the end of them, or be water guns, or made of cloth or paper. This goes for villains and heroes.

  • Do not bring drugs or alcohol onto the Dos Lagos property during the race. Approved beverages include water or sports drinks up to 20 ounces. No smoking on the property during the event.

  • Do not bring pets to run in or participate in the race. Pets are welcome on the Dos Lagos property and in some of their stores. Please don’t leave them in your car during the race. They can be walked on a leash by spectators.

  • Do not bring personal items too heavy or awkward to run/walk with. There will not be a baggage check. Please leave your items in your vehicles. Security will be watching all vehicles that are parked on the property.

  • Do not show up intoxicated. Visibly intoxicated guests will not be allowed to participate in the race.Do not steal flags. Heroes are not allowed to take other runner’s flags or pick them up off the ground. Heroes are honest and trustworthy after all!

  • Do not expect a refund. No refunds will be provided once registration is submitted to She~ality.

  • Do not leave your children under 12 unattended while you participate in a race. They must be attended by someone 12 and older.

  • Do try and pick up your race packet early. Dates and times TBA through email.

  • Do have your race bib visible on the front of your attire. Participants will not be allowed to race without an official 2014 race bib.

  • Do line up at least 10 minutes before your race time.

  • Do work together as a team with friends, family and strangers. We all get by with a little help from our friends.

  • Do abide by all instructions given from the race directors, race staff, volunteers and security. Failure to comply can lead to your disqualification from the event with no hope of a refund.

  • Do bring an official form of identification (drivers license, photo ID, etc.) or a parent/guardian if you are a minor without ID, or a copy of your email confirmation. Entrance to the event is prohibited without one.

  • Do bring $10 cash if you need to pay for overflow parking. We highly recommend you carpool.

  • Do consider wearing costumes. They are welcome and encouraged but you don’t have to wear one.

  • Do walk if you cannot run. You will have 1 1/2 hours to complete the 5K.

  • Do arrive 1 hour before your race time, if you are a hero, to allow for parking, onsite registration, and race packet pickups as well as locating the starting line. Villains need to show up at 3PM for training and placement.

  • You will be given three flags on a belt at registration. Prior to the start of your race time your flags must be worn on the outside of your clothes and they must remain visible to course officials while you are on the course.

  • Villains will only be able to remove one flag in the first gauntlet area, your 1st (if you still have it) and 2nd but not your 3rd flag in the second gauntlet area, while all three flags are up for grabs in the third and final gauntlet area.

  • Heroes who survive with at least one flag on their belt will receive a medal with a red “Hero” neck ribbon. Those who turn in their belt with no ribbons will receive a medal with a blue “Survivor” neck ribbon. Villains will receive a medal with a green “Villain” neck ribbon. After all, villains come very early and work hard for hours during the entire race so that you can have fun.?


Q: Do I have to run or can I walk?


A: You can run or walk, but we will not be held responsible for mass villain attacks on those who choose to walk through the gauntlets! It shouldn’t take the average person more than an hour to walk the 5K route.


Q: How many hours do villains rip flags off people for?


A: For around 2 hours. But then, Villains pay a cheaper price for entry because of this hard work, but really, we believe they get to have all the fun!  Villains are required to come earlier at 3pm for villain training and set up before the event.  They also need to rip flags off those pesky heroes the entire time of the race from 4pm to around 6pm.


Q: What happens if all my flags are removed?


A: You still get a medal. It won’t have a red “Hero” neck ribbon on it, but it will have a blue “Survivor” neck ribbon on it for finishing the race. Just by paying to be in the race you ARE a hero to a woman or girl in the world who needs to be protected from harm. Thank you!


Q: Can I sign up the day of the race?


A: Yes, but if you can register online with a credit card that would help with time and lines. If you can only register with cash, contact us at 951-206-8824 or at cparker@emotionalethics.com to receive an email form to bring with you on race day with EXACT cash amount. You can sign up the day of the race online. Bring your confirmation email with you and ID.


Q: Can I or my child wear a mask?


A: In order to make this a safe place where everyone's face can be seen and recognized in an emergency, participants are asked not to wear masks.  Eye masks the size of sunglasses are permited but try to be creative with makeup to create eye masks. Thank you.


Q: How old do you have to be to register as a villain?


A: You must be 12+ and have either a parent/guardian on site or have a signed waiver. You will be removed from participating in the event if you break the rules of safety.


Q: Do you allow people to race as teams?


A: We don't register teams but you can create your own team.


Q: How old do you have to be to run?


A: 0 to 100 to be a hero. 12 to 100 to be a villain. Parents may need to place their child in a stroller or carry them part of the way to finish the 5k before 6pm.


Q: If I am minor without ID, what do I need to bring?


A: You will need to either bring your parent/guardian with you to confirm who you are.


Q: What if I get hurt?


A: Staff is on site to administer first aid and get you back into the race if possible. If you are unable to continue, unfortunately we cannot refund your entry fee. In the event that our staff cannot give you the necessary first aid, you may opt to be transported to the nearest hospital. If you do go to the hospital, the responsibility of this decision rests entirely with you and any costs that may be incurred.


Q: If I cannot make the run, can we transfer a ticket to someone else?


A: Yes – as long as the new runner meets the age requirements. Go to the Active.com registration link and pay $10.00 to transfer the ticket up until the date listed. Have them bring a copy of the confirmation email.


Q: Can I switch from being a hero to a villain and vice versa? 


A: Yes. But there is a $10.00 charge and it must be done several weeks in advance.


Q: What do we get for running?


A: A totally fun experience, a t-shirt (Size by first come first serve), a medal either commemorating your heroism, survival or pure evil villainism, and swag bag. (Children ages 0 - 7 are free and will not receive a shirt)


Q: Can I pick up my race packet early?


A: Yes. Those dates and times will go out in an email.


Q: How much is parking?


A: Depends on where you park. If you find parking in the Dos Lagos shopping left it will be free. If overflow parking is necessary and accessible in the nearby office parking lot, there may be a fee of $10 cash. Please be ready with cash just in case and carpool.


Q: What should I wear?


A: Please wear clothing that covers what your swimsuit would cover including your entire bottom cheeks, and also for females, their entire breasts. A good rule of thumb is to cover what you would have to cover to work out in your local gym. This is a family event. Please keep the event about your charming personality and not the sexualization and exhibitionism of your body. 


Q: What do children (Age 8-11) get for running in the 1 mile event at 8AM?


A: Children ages 8-11 will get a medal and swag bag.


Q: What do children (Newborn – 7) get for participating in the 1 mile event at 8AM?


A: They will receive a medal


Q: Can I run in the 1 Mile/1 Gauntlet race with my child for free if I am signed up to run in the 5k race later?


A: Yes. But please only take a medal for yourself during the 5k.


Q: Do I have to run in the Parent/Child 1 Mile event if my child is 0-7? And can I use a stroller?


A: Yes, but it is up to you if they are allowed to race ahead of you to finish before you. If they break any rules of safety they will be removed from the race. Yes you can use a stroller.

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