i9 Sports 4x4 Football Challenge

Event Date

Sun, Jun 22, 2014


Columbus, OH

About This Activity

The 2014 i9 Sports 4x4 Football Challenge
at the Columbus Children’s Festival

Put together those teams, reach for those flags and out run and pass your opponents to score that touchdown with flag football.

Teams will be in four age categories:

4-5 Year Old,  6-7 Year Old, 8-9 Year Old, 10-12 Year Old

Teams are guaranteed 3 games. In which each team will participate in a round-robin type schedule which will determine the match-ups for the final game.  We will play games from youngest to oldest starting at 10AM.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact kidslinked at customerservice@kidslinked.com or 877-543-7801.

Event schedule and times

For our tournament we will use our i9 Sports Arena Flag Football style rules as they are a popular four-on-four  game filled with fun and action. In this game, the offensive team plays for a touchdown in the end zone. Running and passing plays are allowed, although there are “no-running zones” near each goal line. The offensive team can not run a running play when the line of scrimmage is in a “no-running zone.”   The defensive team covers receivers, rushes the passer and grabs flags to make “tackles.”

The Basics

  • A coin toss determines first possession.
  • Games are two 15 minute halves
  • The offensive team takes possession of the ball at the initial scrimmage line and has four plays to score a touchdown. If the offense fails to score, the ball changes possession and the new offensive team takes over on the same 5 yard line. 
  • All possession changes start on the initial scrimmage line.  Interceptions may be run back for a touchdown.  However, if the defense fails to score a touchdown on the interception return, they will begin their drive at the five.
  • Field dimensions are: 25 yards long X 20 yards wide with 5 yard end zone and with a 5 yard no-run zone before the goal line.
  • Play will ALWAYS start from the Initial Scrimmage Line and will always go in the same direction.

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