2014 Ohio Dodgeball Cup

Event Date

Sun, Jun 22, 2014


Columbus, OH

About This Activity

New Event for 2014:

The Ohio Dodgeball Cup. 

Show off dodgeball skills in the first ever Ohio Dodgeball Cup!  This 5 on 5 double-elimination

tournament will feature 3 different divisions:

  • Family & Friends (2 Adults/3 Kids)
  • Youth (12 & Under)
  • Open (Anyone)

Everyone knows the 5 rules of dodgeball:

  • Dodge
  • Duck
  • Dip
  • Dive
  • Dodge

And that's basically it! Show up with your team ready to have a good time and we'll do the rest. Never played dodgeball before, who cares! Can you move? Can you throw? Then you're good to go! Sign-up today!

The Rules:

  • Each game will feature teams with 5 players.
  • The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the winner of that game.
  • Each team will play a 3 game match.   The team that wins the most games will win that match.
  • Teams will be eliminated from competition once they have a lost a total of 2 matches.
  • Kick-off/ Opening Rush:      The Game begins by placing the dodge balls along the left line – three (3) on one side of the left hash and three (3) on the other. Players then take a position behind their end line. Following a signal by the official, teams may approach the leftline to retrieve the balls. This signal officially starts the contest. Teams may retrieve as many balls as possible. Once a ball is retrieved it must be taken behind the attack-line before it can be legally thrown. Players are not allowed to cross the leftline on any reason. Players crossing the leftline constantly will be called out by the referee’s discretion.


  • Elimination of players:Eliminated players must stand out of bounds in the order that they were eliminated. They may come back on caught balls in this order. Eliminated players are allowed to throw out-of-bounds balls back to their teammates but not on their opponents.

a) Players may block balls with their own ball. If the ball is knocked out their hands while blocking    it, that player will be eliminated.

b) Players may pass their retrieved ball to another player to be thrown.

c) Once all opponents were eliminated that game is over.

d) A trapped ball will not count as caught. (Meaning a player catches a ball at the same time it hits the ground or uses the ground to catch the ball does not count as any player OUT)

e) If a LIVE thrown ball hits a player but will be caught by a teammate (Save!) before it touches the ground, ceiling, wall… the throwing player is OUT (s. 2b)

 f) Players have to throw beyond the attack-line (3 yards behind leftline) and are not allowed to pass this line, neither before they throw nor after they’ve thrown the ball. Passing the line will void the throw (Off Side).


Event schedule and times

2014 Ohio Dodgeball Cup

June 22, 2014 (during the Columbus Children’s Festival 10am – 5pm)

OSU - Fred Beekman Park
2200 Carmack Road, Columbus

Entry Fee: $60.

Questions: Jeff Fisher, customerservice@kidslinked.com or 877-543-7801

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