Paint Columbus Pink, Foam & Obstacle Challenge

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Sat, Oct 4, 2014


Columbus, GA

About This Activity


Guess what Columbus? It’s back….The 8th Annual “Paint Columbus Pink ” will be Saturday, October 4th , 2014 at 9:00am at Cascade Hills, 727 54th Street, Columbus, Georgia 31904. “Paint Columbus Pink” – has a new twist this year…. “Paint Columbus Pink” Foam and Obstacle Challenge!  Ready to play in FOAM ? How about tackling a few obstacles?   You can walk, run, jog, dance, skip and play across miles of absolute fun!  Whether you’re a great athlete, casual walker or just like to have fun, you will be engaged along the entire  high energy course as you charge through obstacles, inflatables, slides and FOAM!   Skip , dance or jog  through the Foam clouds  and have fun with friends and loved ones as you make memories in this once in a lifetime frothy experience.  A great reason to come out and have fun while doing something healthy for yourself…and also helping to fight cancer!


Event details and schedule

Paint Columbus Pink Event Schedule:

9:00am-11:00am Foam & Obstacle Challenge

11:00am Pink Pooch Contest

12:00noon Light of Life Ceremony- Human Pink Ribbon

Times are approximate

Paint Columbus Pink Scoop:

Guess what Columbus? It’s back….The 8th Annual “Paint Columbus Pink®” is a series of events including  Shop & Dine for a Cause , Pink Pooch Contest , Light of Life Ceremony, Power in Prayer, Bright Pink Lipstick Day, "Forget Me Knots" Pink Bow Campaign , all in  support of  Cancer Awareness.

Foam & Obstacle Challenge

“Paint Columbus Pink” –has a new addition & twist this year…. “Paint Columbus Pink” Foam and Obstacle Challenge!

Tired of the Same-O-Same –O “run till you drop competitive race”? Are you ready to challenge yourself, dare to try something new and have the most fun imaginable, while  helping  fight cancer?  Then you will definitely want to be part of the one and only unique event at the 2014 Paint Columbus Pink. Foam & Obstacle Challenge, Saturday, October 4th, at Cascade Hills, 727 54th Street, starting time 9:00am!

Ready to play in FOAM ? How about tackling a few obstacles?  You can walk, run, jog, dance, skip and play across miles of absolute fun!  Whether you’re a great athlete, a casual walker, or just want to have fun, you will be engaged along the entire  high energy course as you charge through obstacles, inflatable’s, slides and FOAM!  All fitness levels welcomed!   Skip , dance or jog  through the Foam clouds  and have fun with friends and loved ones as you make memories in this once in a lifetime frothy experience. 

There is no pressure to compete, no time-clock or placement categories, only the laughter you’ll have when you see who has the most foam on them at the end! Worried about your “time”? Well stop! At Paint Columbus Pink, ain’t nobody got time for that! We make time for the things that really matter: friendship, laughter, encouragement and fun. Concerned you won’t be able to make it over one of the foamy obstacles? You’re killing us! Walk around the darn thing. That’s right, hold your head up high and tell your friends you’ll see ‘em on the other side. Are you starting to get the picture? At Paint Columbus Pink, happiness, high-spiritedness, understanding and togetherness reign supreme.

 Listen folks, because Paint Columbus Pink Foam and Obstacle Course is geared towards ALL fitness levels, no training is needed. Yes, we’re serious. However, if you simply cannot wrap your cardio-obsessed, cross-training head around that ridiculously true statement, REMAIN CALM! By all means, continue your Latin-infused Zumba moves and box jumping sessions. You and your tightly toned sidekicks will be the princes & belles of the foamy ball. And for those of you who have no idea what the words “cardio” and “cross-training” mean, fear not. You and your pals shall also reign foamily supreme. We look forward to meeting you on the fields of foam!

  A great reason to come out and have fun while doing something healthy for yourself…and also  helping fight cancer! Bring your friends, neighbors, family members,  and peers to the areas FIRST FOAM and OBSTACLE Challenge!   Proceeds will stay local to help American Cancer Society and Sheryl Carden Foundation.

The After Effervescent Party continues once you cross the Finish Line!  Jam out and dance, get a Swag Bag, have your picture taken, or shop the vendors and thank the Sponsors! 

This is a Foam- Fun Run to bring families, friends, and communities together in a non-intimidating environment. Encourage all to come out and enjoy the fun! Get ready to be Foamy, and enjoy the craziest, zaniest fun day ever..and all for a great cause! So what are you waiting for? Sign up today to be a part of something truly magical, side-splittingly memorable and wonderfully FOAMY!


In addition to being a part of the 1st time ever in Columbus Foam & Obstacle Challenge, participants will receive these high quality items:

Entry into the Paint Columbus Pink Foam and Obstacle Challenge

Donation to the American Cancer Society & the Schryl Carden Foundation

Water break area on the course

High quality event shirts custom designed. Shirts come in unisex sizes and children’s sizes


Paint Columbus Pink Festival Area

Pink Pooch Contest with celebrity judges

Zumba and High energy demonstrations

Gear Check Area

Foam, Obstacles and FUN!

What to wear:

We invite you to bring your creativity, smile, laugh and leave dull at home. We said “Adventure Run” right? Well folks let’s get adventurous! It is the creativity of thousands of participants that brings this event to life! You are coming to have fun and experience something magical and different. Look the part! I

You will be running in foam and water so you’ll want something that can get foamy, wet, and allows you the freedom to move and groove. Costumes are the coolest but if you’re wearing one, please test it out before the event day, we don’t want you in a costume that’s just not working for you. Also your team shirt design sounds awesome, but remember there will be kids and families, so keep it appropriate.

Note: We know your cleats might help you, but due to the fact that many of our obstacles are inflatable’s, cleats will not be permitted. Please no sharp objects on your costumes!

PRIZES & Awards

Participate in fundraising for prizes for the top 10 individuals and the top 10 teams who raise the most money!

Each person who raises $125 receives a $25 gift card!

All monies from fundraising due no later than November 3rd-   Bank Day, CSU Cunningham Center, 3100 Gentian Blvd by 6:00pm to be eligible for prizes!



Foam & Obstacle Challenge

Saturday, October 4th, 2014

Cascade Hills      9am Start Time

727 54th Street, Columbus, Georgia


A team is a group of 4 or more participants who register under a common team name.  Any company, family, group of friends, club, community organization, school or faith group can form a team.

Create a Team (minimum of 4 persons to be a TEAM) and receive a Five Dollar Registration Discount per person!  An amazing team builder for co-workers, add a little friendly competition challenge a competitor to match your goal, do it for someone you know with cancer.  Inspire others to volunteer, make a difference, support community involvement, and take action.










Fun, Fitness and Philanthropy

Working together, you can accomplish great things.  Invite your friends, family,

neighbors, co-workers, church , civic club members and set up your own  team,

and christen it with a cool name!

The excitement of an experience like none other, the Foam & Obstacle Challenge will be the most

amazing fun!   You’re encouraged to do it in your own style! Dare to dress in your favorite costume, make it creative, unique, and do the Foam & Obstacle Challenge YOUR WAY, and it could garner you an award!

 Imagine running through soft clouds of FOAM, working slip and slides,   foam pits, obstacles (no pressure, don’t want to do them, just walk around it) body washer, and did we mention... lots of FOAM!

 Make sure to sign up for the most amazing No-Race race.   Fun and entertaining for both experienced and beginner runners alike. You’ll absolutely feel like this exercise is a party for you and your circle of friends.


  1. First, create your team (you must create/register your team online) www.paintcolumbus
  1. Then recruit people to join. Encourage online registration
  1. Remember that each team member must be registered under the same team name.
  1.  Each team member must sign their own liability waiver. 
  1. 5.       Set a fundraising goal! 


  1. 6.       Receive a $25 gift card for raising $125! It’s like getting your money back for entry by participating in the fundraising !


  1. Strive to build the largest      team possible, with every member      raising funds
  1. Look for Team Tip Wednesday with      updates, fundraising suggestions. We want you to have a great time while      working hard to make your team successful.
  1. Team packets must be picked up by      a team representative. Location and dates to be announced soon.
  1. Have FUN…your      team could win one or more of our team awards
  1.  Recognize that you’re making a difference      in the fight against cancer with your support of the friends, family,      neighbors, and coworkers facing cancer       


As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re looking to draw some attention to breast cancer awareness in a big way. What better way than forming a huge human pink breast cancer ribbon! Help us create the FIRST human pink ribbon and the LARGEST in GEORGIA! We are going for the record- be a part of history!

On Saturday, October 4th at noon, you’re invited to gather in the shape of a breast cancer awareness ribbon and have our picture taken from above!

Register today! $10 includes a pink t-shirt for Paint Columbus Pink Human Pink Ribbon and a chance to set a record! We want to make this the largest human ribbon in our state’s History!

Paint Columbus Pink!   Pink Up the Pace!

Paint Columbus Pink is quickly developing into a rich heritage for community business leaders and individuals that know the positive results the events produce. This is certainly one of the most anticipated annual events in Columbus.  Join in as we Paint Columbus Pink!

Paint Columbus Pink runners/ walkers had a great time last year at the Flash Night Run, which inspired many and represented all sectors of our community! Get ready for even more fun this year at the Foam & Obstacle Challenge!
Paint Columbus Pink is Tickled Pink:
Paint Columbus Pink is proud to announce our local charity partner for the October events will be the American Cancer Society and the Schryl Carden Breast Cancer Foundation. All monies raised stay local to help our neighbors in our 13 counties!

It takes many participants, sponsors and partners to help make Paint Columbus Pink a success. We have an opportunity to make an important contribution to our community and one way to do that is to join in and participate!  Whether you’re coming out to support your mother, daughter, wife, sister, father, son, husband, friend, co-worker or yourself, consider giving some of yourtime and become part of an amazing team who are paying it forward to those who need our help in battling cancer.    We want YOU at Paint Columbus Pink!    

 Pink Pooch Contest

Paint Columbus Pink- Pink Pooch Contest doggie soiree will take place  Saturday, October 4th , 2014

11:00am at Cascade Hills, 727 54th Street , Columbus, Ga 31904

Get “unleashed” and help support Breast Cancer Awareness through Paint Columbus Pink Saturday, October 4th at 9:00am by participating in the Pink Pooch Contest! A special day for our four legged furry family members-every pooch receives a “doggy” treat bag!  Celebrity Judges and more fun than dogs wagging their tails! “Paw’-tner” with us and enter your “top dog” in the “Dogtoberfest” Pink Pooch Contest! No “digging up bones”, it’s a “Doggone” Good time for all! Register today!

Prizes for male and female, under 15 pounds and over 15 pounds for  each category. $10 per category if pre-registered and $15 per category day of event.

1)       Putting on the Glitz:  For the posh pooch with luxury style . This glammed up category is suited for Fancy dresses or suits.

2)  Busy as a Bee/  Pet Trick – For the talented canine that has a special talent (must be able to perform in (1) minute or less

3)Play Ball: Pooches dressed in Themed Costumes

4)Lookalikes: Dogs and their owners dress up like each other. Get creative!

5)Pinkest Pooch-  It just wouldn’t be a pink pooch contest without the best use of pink!

6)Waggiest Tail – Need we say more?

Pink Pooch Contest Rules & Event Info

The care of our furry friends is always our FIRST priority!

In the interest of all participants, please abide by the following rules:

  • All dogs must remained leashed
  • Rabies shots and vaccinations must be current
  • Must wear ID tags at all times (Dogs, not people)
  • No dogs in heat
  • Costumes must be safe, cool and comfortable for dogs
  • Comply with any health/medical/ safety recommendations made by event officials
  • Follow all traffic laws
  • No puppies under 4 months old or without vaccinations


Prizes Awarded to (24) Contestants! You may enter as many categories as you like- you are not limited to just one. Every dog entered must pay an entry fee- human entries are FREE.


Pink Pooch Approximate Schedule of Events:

11:00am: Opening Ceremony, Introduction of celebrity judges

11:05am:Animal Blessing

11:15 am: Paw-Rade of all participants and Judging

12:00noon Awards Presentation

12:15pm-   Enjoy Family Entertainment and vendor area

 Shop& Dine For A Cause:

SHOP & DINE …for a great cause

The city is going PINK and we’d like to encourage you to fill the participating choice retailers during the SHOP & DINE for a cause going on now through the month of October.  

You now have a philanthropic reason to give as to why you want to SHOP!  A percentage of your purchases from the exclusive shops that have joined Paint Columbus Pink will be donated for cancer awareness. 

Each establishment will offer their own unique specials, from discounts, to creative specialty items for Paint Columbus Pink.  Invite your co-workers, family and friends to eat at the many wonderful restaurants who have committed to the cause by offering a variety of items and specials you are sure to enjoy.

Find what you’re looking for, savor tasty delights and simply have a great time, all while supporting efforts to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. 


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