Valor Run

Event Date

Sat, May 17, 2014


Colorado Springs, CO

About This Activity

This event is transitioning to a NON-TIMED FUN RUN! All participants will receive an event t-shirt and a finish line medal.  All entry fees will be the same regardless of registration type i.e. team vs. individual.
There will be an opportunity for participants to race as a team and compete for the traveling trophy.  Each team will need a Team Captain that will be responsible for picking up and distributing bibs either before or on race day. Bibs are for placing purposes and will only be given to the Team Captain. You will need a minimum of 5/maximum of 10 per team. You can have more than one team under the same name (Team Awesome #1/#2/#3). Top 5 finishers will be scored for each team. 
Participants will be broken into 2 waves. Wave 1 will be team runners. They will leave the start line first to minimize traffic since they are competing. Wave 2 will be individual walkers/runners. All participants will walk/run the same course around Prospect Lake.

Course Description: Participants will start on the bicycle criterium course.  This is just North of the Velodrome Building. Participants start going south. They exit the criterium course using the old road path near the restrooms. They do two (2) laps around Prospect Lake going in a counter clockwise direction.  Participants return to the Bicycle Criterium course at its Southwest corner. Upon re-entering the criterium they run it in a clockwise direction.


Event schedule and times

Team Participants (Wave 1) - Start time will be 9:00 a.m.

Individual Participants Wave 2) - Start time will be 9:10 a.m.

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