Event Date

Tue, Sep 1, 2020


Cincinnati, OH

About This Activity


The Lick Run Stormwater 5k is a virtual race in 2020 to introduce runners to the newly constructed Lick Run Greenway, a major stormwater infrastructure and recreation project. It will be used to raise funds for the South Fairmount Community Council, a non-profit organization, and to raise awarness of the importance of water quality and flood control for urban communities. 

This race was inspired by the dedicated and involved people of South Fairmount to attract people from inside and outside the community, educate them on the benefits of healthy neighborhoods and stormwater management, and raise funds to provide services for the residents through their local Community Council. Fortunately, an opportunity to bring awareness to the South Fairmount neighborhood coincides with a project focused on climate change and water quality, with the intentional impact of improving the environment of the neighborhood. 

In addition to the Greenway, the residents and friends of South Fairmount have been working tirelessly to restore some of the public walkways in the neighborhood. Did you know that South Fairmount has more public stairs than any other neightborhood in the City of Cincinnati? 

So go ahead - take a walk around the neighbohood. And while you're at it, register for the STORMWATER 5k and get a medal for your efforts.

All you need to do is:

  1. Register for the race
  2. Run/walk anywhere, anytime in the month of September
  3. We will send you a commemorative medal 

For more information on the Lick Run Greenway visit Project Groundwork



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