Legends Little League (Ballet Dance)

Event Date

Tue, Nov 4, 2014


Chicago, IL

About This Activity

We aim to prepare teenagers for reaching higher level in dance through this intro/intermediate ballet class, boys and girls are all welcome. Class will be offered twice a week, each session will last 60 minutes. For each session, class will be divided into two parts: at the barre and in the left. This class is technique-based, and basic ballet terms will be taught in class. Parents are also welcome to watch the class, or join our fun activities. Ballet dance is a great way for kids to learn the basics of dancing and gain the confidence of performance. Sessions: For 6-10 years old, we mainly teach kids the basic ballet positions so they can get a better sense of what ballet is. For 11-13 years old, we mainly focus on applying corrections. For 14-18 years old, we will gradually teach them dance routines. Schedule: Classes will be offered twice a week so that kids can learn it more effectively. Possible time could be either Thursdays and Saturdays or Fridays and Sundays. Additional Info: Before each kid decides to join our program, we ask them to do a 10 to 15 minutes audition/assessment to assign them into proper class level. A simple dance routine will be taught and kids will be asked to dance in groups of 2. Private: One Dancer to One Instructor.Buddy: Two Dancer to One Instructor.Group: Three - Six Dancers to One Instructor.


$56.00 - $201.00

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