Bicycle Illinois 2014

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Sat, Jul 5, 2014


Chicago, IL

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Tour Overview

Starting from Cairo at Illinois' southernmost tip and ending in downtown Chicago, Bicycle Illinois is the only bicycle tour across the entire state of Illinois and one of the most challenging in the Midwest. You'll cycle for 6 days and cover at least 500 miles, an average of 85 miles per day, and century options are available every day as well.

Whether you are a recreational cyclist looking for a sense of accomplishment or an athlete looking to challenge yourself and improve your cycling skills, Bicycle Illinois has something for you. You'll gain a new level of satisfaction and self confidence as you ride with new friends along the way!

Included Services & Merchandise

All the amenities you need are included at one low price. We've made it easy for you to focus on cycling and having fun!

  • Our experienced, caring, Professional Staff
  • The safest, most direct, fully paved Route which primarily follows back roads and bike paths
  • Pre-designated Rest Stops every 15 to 20 miles
  • Detailed Cue Sheets, Maps, and On-Road Signage
  • On Road SAG Vehicle Support
  • Inside and outside sleeping arrangements at our Nightly Lodging site including hot showers
  • All You Can Eat Food (including Breakfast, Dinner, on road Snacks, and Sports Drinks)
  • Baggage Transportation between stopping towns
  • A T-Shirt and personalized Certificate of Completion

Extra Services & Merchandise

In addition, some very nice extras are also available as well!

  • Transportation to the Start for you, your bicycle, and your baggage before and after the tour
  • Hotels and free Hotel Baggage Delivery
  • Long-Term Parking in every nightly stopping town
  • Mechanical Support in town and on the road
  • Massage Therapy and daily Towel Service
  • Bicycle Illinois Jerseys, Water Bottles, Extra T-Shirts, Baseball Hats and Polo Shirts

Tri-State Tour

You can also continue your journey all the way to Wisconsin on the Tri-State Tour, which also includes a century option. You can cycle up to 7 centuries in a row - no other cycling event even comes close!

Registration & Prices

Check for registration deadlines and additional price information. Partial day tours are also available.

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Paper Registration

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