Kid's Do Tri Triathlon

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Sat, Jun 7, 2014


Cheyenne, WY

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General Info

Location, registration deadline and registration fees.

The 8 & under age group will compete first at approximately 8:45am. Once the last 8 & under age grouper has completed the bike course, then the 9 – 11 age group will compete. The 12 -14 age group will start once the last 9-11 age grouper has completed the bike course. Per USAT, your age group is determined by your age as of December 31, 2014. (Example-if your age on race day is 8, but your turn 9 before 12/31/14, then you would compete in the 9-11 age group)

Pre-registration is highly recommended to insure you get a race gift and after race meal. You can pre-register on line or by mail in registration thru noon Thurs. May 29th. On-Line registrations will still be accepted until 5pm on Wed. 6/3/14, however any registrations received after noon on 5/29/14 will not receive a race shirt. Check in on race day is 7:00-8:30am on Saturday 6/7/14 near the soccer field at LCCC. Entry fee is $35.00 for Non-USAT Members which includes the required $10.00 USAT 1-Day Youth membership fee. $25.00for USAT Members. You'll receive your race packet which includes your race gift, bib number and bike frame number at race day check-in.

The race will start approximately 8:45am with the 8 & under age group. There is no parking allowed near the soccer field or transition area. Parking in the lot just east of the soccer field next to the physical education buildings.

The swim will be held at the LCCC campus pool. All competitors must be able to swim the appropriate distance without any swimming aids or assistance from others. Lane lines will be in so swimmers can stop and hold onto the lane line or may stop at each end of the pool, if they need to rest. Per USAT rules, the competitors must swim, using any stroke they wish. Walking/running on the pool bottom is permitted. No swimming aids are allowed per USAT. We will try to keep lane assignments to 2 swimmers per lane. Only 1 parent may be on the pool deck to assist your child out of the pool. The 8 & under year olds will start at the east end of the pool and finish at the west end. The 9-11 and 12-14 year olds will start at the west end of the pool and finish at the west end of the pool. The transition area will be a maintenance road between the pool and soccer fields.

The bike course will be on the road that encircles the campus. The athletes will rid clockwise and stay on the right side of the road at all times. There will be no left turns anywhere on the bike course. Since classes will have ended there will be little to no traffic on this road but there may still be some light traffic on campus. there will be volunteers along the bike course.

All 3 age groups will exit the Transition area after dropping off their bikes and run around the outside of the soccer fields. All 3 age groups will run on the same course around the soccer field.

The Transition area is the area where the athletes keep their bike & helmet. Transition will be located on the access/maintenance between the gymnasium and the soccer field.. After the swim all the athletes will be routed to the transition area entrance. Inside the transition area will be the bike racks with assigned racks by age group. Bike, helmets and any other racing gear must be stored in the transition area. The transition area is where all athletes will leave to proceed on the bike course and where they must return to begin the run. All athletes must have bike helmets to bike. Helmets must be on and strapped before mounting your bike. All athletes will then exit the transition area with their bike but cannot mount their bike until they exit the transition area. There will be a bike mount line posted which is where the bike can be mounted. Bikes cannot be ridden in the transition area. Upon returning from the bike ride, bikes must be dismounted just before entering the transition area. Athletes will then return their bike to where their bike was parked. At that point all athletes will again exit the transition area to begin the run.

There will be Transition volunteers directing athletes where to enter and exit as well as overhead signs indicating the “SWIM IN”, “BIKE OUT”, “BIKE IN” and “RUN OUT” spots in the Transition area.
Only athletes are allowed in the Transition area. No parents allowed in Transition. All athletes must be able to tie their own shoes and mount their own bikes unassisted.


USAT Youth Members - $25.00
Non-USAT Youth Members - $35.00. 2nd entry from same household-USAT Youth Member-$22.00, Non-USAT Youth Member-$32.00.

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