Swim Your Way Thin - CO-ED 4 week swim based exercise program

Event Date

Wed, Apr 3, 2019


Charlotte, NC


About This Activity

Join Coach Lisa F. and let her help you swim your way thin using metabolic swim and water exercise intervals to maximize calorie burn and increase your metabolic rate during and after your workout! (this is NOT a 'how to swim' lesson)
April 3 - April 24 on Wednesdays
YWCA Pool, 3420 Park Road, Charlotte, NC  28209
YWCA Member $40 for the program / $15 as a one day Drop-In, YWCA Non-Member $60 for the program / $20 Drop-In

Register at: https://www.industrialstrengthfitness.com/classes (Click on Full Calendar, Click on April 3 to find the class)

Questions? LMfarnick@gmail.com

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