Winter Fit I

Event Date

Sat, Nov 8, 2014


Cedar Hill, TX

About This Activity

Imagine ending the winter season in better shape than you began.  It could happen for you!  Jeff Delavega of Hilltop Bicycle Repair will guide us in creating a nutritional plan and core building while off our bikes.  Make your reservation now and come join in on this amazing training.

Cycling Level:  All

Time: 9:00 A.M - 11:00 A.M.

Cost: $50

Dress: Comfortable workout clothes and shoes

Bring: Floor Mat, Water, Towel


Event details and schedule

Art of Balancing Calories; Your Nutritional Plan

A good nutritional plan can greatly improve your bicycling while promoting good health and a lean body.  We will make a 6 month plan, 1 month plan, 1 week plan and a race/ride day plan. Fueling your body properly will make a big difference right from the start as you work toward a lean healthy body while maintaining energy on long rides.  We will take a look at good and bad calories. Learn your calorie burn rate and what this rate can do for you along with your  body’s high acceptance and cut off times.

Get to the Core of It

Bicycling makes us strong and strength enhances cycling.  Learn the role our core, hips, legs, achilles tendons and calves play when cycling, and specific techniques to make you stronger on the bike while reducing the risk of injury. Get your “Core Score”!

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