Introduction To Bicycling Types

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Sat, Feb 7, 2015


Cedar Hill, TX

About This Activity

A fellow cyclist often says to me: “Options are good”. When it comes to riding a bicycle, there are many options and many levels within each option. Cyclists from different areas and levels of cycling will tell you about their choice of cycling and demonstrate their favorite gear selections. This is an amazing opportunity to speak to people who have enjoyed their bicycles for many years and are glad to speak to you about the choices they made along the way. Their bikes and gear will be on display for you to get a first hand look at how it all comes together.

  • Hybrid: DFW offers so many wonderful parks and trails to enjoy on a leisure or hybrid bicycle. See how a family ranging from 9 months old to 55 years old can exercise while enjoying family time together. Or maybe you just want to know more about buying a bike to enjoy riding around your neighborhood or commuting to work. These bikes offer a large range of possibilities.
  • Mountain: No asphalt cycling can open paths to you that few people will ever see. There are many categories of mountain biking from riding scenic trails to competitive trials. We will have cyclists from various categories on hand to give you a first hand look at no asphalt cycling.
  • Touring: The magic of seeing the world from your bicycle is a joy that so few people will ever realize. Some will tour for a day to take in the sights and fresh air of the countryside while others will take the journey of a two-week bicycle ride to include the Alaska road to Dinale. You will not believe what you can carry on a touring bicycle. Come meet cyclist from our area that have taken touring by bicycle to levels I have only dreamt and let them share their lessons on gear and some of their adventures.
  • Road: Road cycling a very popular and growing sport in our area. Those of us over 50 enjoy the exercise that provides less stress on the joints with a very smooth ride. And then there are those of all ages who have entered the world of competitive road cycling, iron mans, and triathlons. The DFW area has many bicycle club’s and bike shops that offer group cycling year round. Meet a few cyclists who have years of experience and will share their miles and miles knowledge.

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Event Time: 9:00 - 11:00

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